Love is endless giving of yourself without making it a point to the one you love. It is demanding till you feel exhausted but still it’s worth everything in your might. But, no one is allowed to use you or gain self interest by means of using your love. Yes, you cannot expect the same amount of love from the other person but at least a little in return satiates the longing of a lover. Life challenges you perhaps loved ones more but you are also deserving of being loved. Don’t lose your self-wroth and dignity when someone is being selfish to you and is taking you for granted.  Don’t let anyone to play with your emotions and beware of the following signs:

1. You’re asked to stay silent and act as a dummy:

Your opinion has significant value in your relationship but you are not asked to contribute when making decisions and he doesn’t respect your perspectives or opinions. He expects you to stay silent and act as a dummy while he is being bossy and dominant on all the matters in life.

2. You are treated as a second choice.

You are always left hanging in the middle and he tries to sort out all the problems, sometimes he takes over trivial ones too. Promises are never made because there are other tasks on his hand that need to be completed on priority. His ignorance is agonizing and his treatment to you as a second choice is unbearable. It’s really hard to devote your life to the one person in your life and he couldn’t even take you as a top priority in his life. This behavior is painful and it is destructive for the relationship.

3. He’s disrespectful during physical contact.

You feel used and discarded whenever his physical need is fulfilled. It seems lust is the only thing he has ever desired from this relationship because he doesn’t care for emotional intimacy.

4. You feel neglected on little or big things you do for him.

Small drops of water make a sea. You try to do things for him but you never feel appreciated or loved. You just ask for the minimal appreciation and a few words of kindness but your boyfriend is taking you for granted and is least concerned with your feelings.

5. He is careless to reply to your texts.

All you want is to hear from him but he seems to ignore every text message that you send him. Hours pass by without a reply and you remain stressed and worried if he is OK or not. It feels that he does that on purpose just to ignore your sentiments.

6. He lies to you and you can’t trust him.

He makes ridiculous excuses and acts nonsense when he is hiding details from you. He is taking you for granted because he doesn’t want to make you part of his private life; he doesn’t want to include you in his life either.

It’s good to fight for your relationship but when you are the only one making effort and there is no response from the other side, then you should consider your options. In a long run, you will remain unhappy and consistent disregard to your feelings will shatter you from inside.

You truly deserve someone who would give you love and care and he should be willing to devote efforts as you are trying to give to the relationship. Being with a person who can’t even give you the least bit of effort to acknowledge your sincere emotions is not deserving of your love.

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