6 Signs He Is Not A Husband Material

It would take you 6 signs to know whether he is a husband material or not. Marriage is a big step and you would definitely want to have this event only once in your lifetime. Before making this eternal relationship, you need to be certain that your future prospect loves you without conditions and doesn’t ask the following:

1. Mommy makes the decisions.


Your guy hasn’t been independent if his decisions are mostly taken by his mother. There is no problem giving your mom all the love and care but seeing a grown-up guy looking towards mommy for everything indicates that he hasn’t been mature in his decisions, let alone in his life. It would be difficult in the future if you choose a groom for your marriage that even moves when he is told by his mother. It would also restrict your independence and autonomy to speak your opinions.

2. Husband and wife are not equal partners; he has an upper hand


Respect is the ground reality in any relationship and it would only be achieved when both husband and wife are equal companions. A man who objectifies his woman and is not ready to compromise on his opinion may not be a good partner in the long run.

Relationship progresses when two people have a harmonious thinking regarding the future of their relationship. If a man thinks he can have an upper hand in every matter then he could be a strong man but not a marriage material.

3. Birth control decision.


Only woman has the right to take whatever decision she wants to for her body. But you have been in discussion with him many times where he wants to influence your decision on birth control. Your relationship with him would not be favorable for you if he keeps on dominating all the matters in your life. Before marriage, everything needs to be clear and everyone has to determine their responsibilities and the extent of authority on each other’s life.

4. He forces his family on you


There are few members of his family that don’t treat you well and for that reason you don’t want to meet them. Despite the fact that he is aware of the situation, he still forces you to build a bond with his family. I think you should review your terms with him before getting married.

5. Different expectations from relationship


Marriage would be easier and less miserable when both partners look up to same expectations from each other and from their relationship. It is therefore important to share what your hopes are and what would be acceptable in the future. A common ground will bind you two together regardless of hardships.

6. Non serious finance handling


A guy who is responsible in his spending but belongs to an average financial background is someone who would take wise financial choices in life. On the other side, a man who is rich and has a heavy hand in spending would not make rational monetary choices and has more chances of going bankrupt in the future.

Choose a person who is as passionate and open about marriage and its various aspects as you.