6 Signs to Decode his Intention for a Relationship

Guys are very comfortable till flirting and dating with girls but when it comes at having a long-term relation, they usually shy off because they are not actually ready for the responsibility. Read the following six signs that will tell you whether your partner is ready to have long term relation or not?

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Still In Contact With His Ex-Girlfriend

If your cutie still talk with his ex-girlfriend then this is certainly a cause of a problem for you because it is an open sign that he is still interested in her and not truly committed with you. It is an open message that your cutie is not fully ready to move on from his past life rather he needs time to think about you even that you will remain with him in long term relation or not.

Avoid You in Public

If your cutie doesn’t express his feelings and emotions in public then this should also be a concern for you because he isn’t ready to accept you as his partner yet. His hesitation in public should not be taken easily because if he can’t accept you in public then this has some serious consequences to deal with. You should take into account your cutie behavior in public before deciding to pursue your life with him.

Comfortable At Making You Wait

Whenever you organize a date or dinner for him, is he always late and make excuses for coming late every time then this also show the lack of interest in you. This disrespectful behavior from your cutie should open your eyes and rather than emotionally responding this, think wisely and make a step for your future without hesitation. Take into account the real reason for showing lack of interest in you.

Give No Surprises

Men who keep a distance with you and show the least interest in you are matter of concern because not arranging surprises are a sign that your cutie is not ready for long term relation. If this is so then asking you cutie about this relationship whether he is serious about it or not. Such things need to be cleared as soon as possible because if not can cause a serious problem in the future for both.

Prefer Messaging You Then Calling

 If your cutie frequently text you and hesitate in calling you then this is also worrying about you because it may be possible that he wants to keep you at the distance. Texting is somehow more impersonal in nature with little attention towards the other. If this is so your cutie might be talking to some other girl also along with you and might not be ready for a long lasting relation.

Never Discus You Friends and Family

If your cutie shows the least interest in your friends and family then it’s an obvious sign that he isn’t ready and interested in keeping a long lasting relationship with you. Your cutie might only be interested in having an affair and that all. So predict it before it becomes too late.