Schedules, appointments, deadlines, groceries, and bills, after managing all these tasks night is the only time when couples can connect and spend quality time with each other. So, to keep the bond strong there are 6 rituals the happiest couples do before going to bed.

They make effort to say that they love their partner.

During the hassles of the day, the quirks and annoyances don’t allow you spare time to express your love to your partner. When coming back home, alone with your partner, you can actually tell them that you are blessed to have them by your side and you also love them very much. When you say it, try to feel it too because only then it will express your true emotions.

They plan same bedtime.

Professional work hours don’t allow couples to spend intimate night time together. The happiest couples do make sure that they arrange their work life in a way that both of them don’t suffer irregular timings of their professional life. Inconsistent bedtime patterns are annoyances that need to be fixed between couples.

They avoid phubbing.

Even the scientific studies are proving to avoid handheld devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops at night especially, in bed. Social media is an addiction now-a-days and couples suffer its affects the most. However, making it a ritual that no digital devices will be allowed when you two are together will give you time to have a dialogue on more important things in your life.

They end their day on a bright note.

Sharing of gratitude and being thankful for the acts you two do for each other can bring a positive effect on your relationship. This is a way to let the other person know how much blessed you are in a relationship with them. Ending your day on a bright note will give you a good night’s sleep.

They don’t settle arguments when the sun goes down.

When your mind and body is exhausted after a tiring day at work, try not to get angry on disagreements and heavy subjects. Couples who give time to their conflicts and solve those with logic and patience are the happiest couples. Night time should be utilized to build a strong connection.

They set aside time to unwind.

There are many things that may happen to you throughout the day and you would wait for the entire day to discuss every detail with your partner. The night time when you two are alone is the best time to unwind in front of your partner and lean into your relationship by sharing your experiences with your life partner. Couples take this opportunity to empower their relationship and make them ready for the stresses of the next day. Partners who spend the most time together are the happiest couples and stay long together.

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