6 Relationship Advices You Should Avoid

Well-wishers, loved ones, siblings, close friends, will always try to talk you through the relationship goals, ups and downs, stability, or growth. Although their advices show good intent but not all relationship advices fit suitably, your situation may be different than they might have been in their own. Therefore, to save yourself from further damage there are 6 relationship advices you should avoid and there will be less drama in your life.

1. “Money settles everything, find someone financially well-off.”


Money has great power to influence or makes things easy but besides money there is content and satisfaction as well. Sometimes, money can buy you everything but real love and attraction. It fails to make you feel good therefore you should never take advice of someone who considers that money settles everything and you should change your significant other just to improve your financial status.

Even psychologists depict this profit-seeking attitude as not at all beneficial for a strong relationship. Circumstances will change so, stick around a person who makes your life simply good.

2. “Take things in your own hand and be in charge of every matter.”


A relationship devoid of equality and mutual understanding does not stay for a very long time. There will be people who will tell you to exert your dominance on your partner and be the one with upper hand in your relationship. But this attitude will leave you alone in the end.

Relationship works when partners are ready to take it as a team and face every challenge together. You and your partner have your own specific roles and responsibilities. It is evident for a strong relationship that each of you will fulfill your own role with honesty and don’t try to get a high hand on the other.

3. “Always expecting from your partner to be more romantic.”


There are different phases of romance in a relationship. In the beginning, it is juvenile, a lot of cuddling and snuggling, but as time progresses the same way relationship matures. Phases change and it is not always possible to expect from your partner to be forthcoming in romance when there are other priorities that demand more love and care. Instead of sharing your romance life with your friends, talk to your partner, you will be relieved this way.

4. “Silence will sort out.”


Silence and not sharing your agony increase misunderstandings between partners. Lack of communication becomes a fissure in your relationship that if not fill in timely gives another opportunist a chance to take you place. Discussion even argument keeps things alive and kicking.

5. “There is no privacy between partners.”


Those who assume that you have every right to check on your partner’s social interests, text messages, or call logs are wrong and you should avoid relationship advices from them.

Your relationship will survive and be developed strong when you will trust your partner in every way. However, if they don’t share details of their life like; financial, business related, or friend circles then you have a right to ask them but you have no right to intrude your partner’s privacy.

6. “Remind them that you are worth more than they are giving you.”


It takes no time to lose control over your nerves and puts blame on your significant other for all the disparities in your life. If you will bring up the topic everyday then you are doing no good but making it worse because at the end you will lose someone who loves you deep.