6 Reasons Days Spend Being A Single Are The Happy Ones

Every one of us, at some point of life, has to face a relationship that leaves us emotionally and physically drained, and we cherish those days when we don’t engage to any commitment and enjoy every moment of being a unique individual.

If you are single then there is no need to repent, rather, give yourself these positive reminders for being a single and getting a chance to enjoy happy days:

1. No need to daydream about the perfect relationship.

Standing on the either side of the rope, whether being a single or in a relationship, you always fantasize the opposite. When being a single, you imagine the perfect relationship; without any troubles or hardships. While, being in a relationship, you are determined that nothing is more peaceful in your life if you would get a chance to become single again.

In reality, the perfect relationship sounds surreal but there is immense amount of time and effort required to maintain a healthy connection with a significant other. Things when don’t go as you have wished them to be then stress becomes daily routine and you would definitely don’t want to go down that road.

2. Self-esteem remain unharmed.

Macho types and chivalry are the attractive traits in one’s personality. Often, people fall to these qualities of a person before they fall in love with that person. Relationships with sweet talkers and people who are skilled at innocent flirting seem OK in the beginning but sooner you get to know that this style is their routine and after you they will prey on someone else.

So, before they harm your self-esteem, don’t allow them to waste your time and keep a safe distance from those macho types.

3. Time to focus on your goals and career.

There are few people who can actually digest the accomplishments and goals of their partner. Most of the time, you have to give explanations for what you do and why you pursue your career. Your ambitions and goals are affected when you are in a relationship because at that time you have to take care of your partner’s emotions and their choices.

Being living without any relationship gives you power to control your life as you wish which is mostly impossible when being in a relationship. So, the days spend being a single are the happy ones and you should enjoy every single one of those moments of your life.

4. Time to think for a well-though marriage.

You would certainly get some time to well-thought out your marriage and expectations from your husband to be. With no pressures at all, you are able to decide the way you want to lead your married life to and living a single life can give you suitable time to think of all the aspects that may affect the harmony and well-being of your relationship.

Just look at your friend who got married in their early twenties, do you find them happy or they dwell in the agony of being married early? You should be thankful while being a single that you have some time before you start a relationship with long-term commitment.

5. You are not drooling over your crush.

Before the right person will come into your life, we often drool over someone cute around. We spend quite a lot of time and effort for the interaction but everything goes in vain when the person you are engaging with is not right one for you.

So, instead of taking any option, wait for some time to find the right guy and till then do something productive for yourself.

6. Be a little patient.

If not today, but someday you will be with the right person you deserve in your life. You need to be patient till then, enjoy your life, dream, big, go on adventures, live every moment of your day happy.

Image Via: Char Stone