6 Factors Contribute To Create Egotistical People

Egotistic people have no connection with empathy rather they feed off other people’s validation. There insatiable desire to demonstrate their own self-importance makes them blind to other people’s achievements, successes and accomplishments. For once, it is important to unlock the main 6 factors contribute to create egotistical people.

Narcissistic, boastful, prideful, self-centered are the terms related to define an egotistical person. During a conversation, an egotist will drive everyone to his/her own achievement and will boast about all the successes his/her has ever achieved. To make the situation into their own favour, they can go to unlimited ends and can manipulate facts to save their own interests.

The thought process of an egotist is always about an individualistic approach and never to complete goals in a group or team. With all such narcissistic tendencies, one appears to ponder over the factors that drive such behavior.

To understand the 6 factors contribute to create egotistical people we have made some research on the psychology of someone with an egotistical streak.

1. Low self-esteem

Most egotists do not have a very positive belief in their inner-self. They know very well about their insecurities and try to put a mask of confidence and competence in order to hide their insecurities. They build up a false persona that is totally opposite to their real state of mind.

Lack of self-esteem can be due to anxiety, depression or other psychological disorders. Egotist needs to realize that it is fine to have a flaw in personality-every human is fallible-for a healthy mind set.

2. Mental disorder-Megalomaniacal

In order to achieve something that is above and beyond reality is classified as a mental disorder. In such condition, a person lives on exaggerated and elaborative visions that are far beyond anything conceivable realistic.

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Striving for high goals of oneself is a productive frame of mind but if a person is thinking above grandeur then that person is considered to be megalomaniacal.

3. Not satisfied from offerings of life

Have you heard of someone making castles in the air? Yes, an egotist dramatizes various aspects of life to impress others. Though the person is not satisfied with what life offers and to fill this gap he/she embellishes everything and anything to make others believe about the lifestyle.  

4. Never let go of superiority

Egotists live in a world where they can make no comprise with failure. They are often highly-accomplished individuals who never accept defeat and make others realize that no one is superior, intelligent, attractive and rational than them. In this respect, they set benchmarks and anything less than that becomes unquenchable desire that they want to win over at any means.

5. Want to be in spotlight always

It is very childish behavior when a person –whatever would be topic-brings it on him/her and make everyone aware that nothing is more important than he/she is. An egotist in a desperate attempt to redirect the spotlight onto him/her changes the mode of conversation according to his/her desire.

6. Never accepts a loss of control

Egotists need their authority to control all the situations according to their own way. Any loss of control makes them perceive as an act of disrespect. In this instant, they pose anger and act defensive.

Especially in a group setting when to accomplish a goal everyone depends on the teamwork. However, an egotist does not play fair and never understands the concept of achieving together. For them, it’s not “two heads are better than one,” but only egotists are highest authority.