6 Common Things To Spot Cheaters In Relationships

A partner who would be a potential cheater isn’t easy to spot in the first place but they all have common things that they do in relationships. You give power them to hurt you in a relationship when you put your guard down and open yourself up entirely and doesn’t maintain a sense of self-protection. Though, there is no sure way to go about correctly identifying a cheater but you can protect yourself from them in a grand manner if you don’t give them all about yourself. You need to make sure that you keep your preferences, inclinations, motivation, and triggers to yourself until you are absolutely sure that this person in your life will not be unfaithful to you.

Different kinds of cheaters have different kinds of reasons to play with the life of their prey and leave them when they find another victim to fulfill their materialistic desires. They don’t just hunt for partners who would provide them financial support but also, someone who can make them sexually satisfied. There are common things to spot cheaters in relationships, a pattern that they all have in common, and a set behavior that would give you clues to identify a cheater and save you from a much unwanted heartbreak. Beware of them:

1. They are always suspicious about your life.

A person who has trust issues with you as a partner is either a maniac or someone who can’t be trusted. Don’t feel bad if your partner is acting suspicious of you and whatever behavior you might be projecting, it is them who have difficulty trusting other people because they are not faithful themselves.

2. They have secrets in their phone therefore they never leave their cellphones unattended.

Have you ever wondered on your partner’s meticulous ways of using their cellphones? When you have no problem sharing your mobile phone with your partner then you expect the same from them. But they never trust you with their phones, maybe they have secrets to protect from you.

3. They have more time for their phones than you.

When they are more absorbed in their phone while sitting with you then there is someone more important in their life than you for your partner. Work doesn’t demand you to stick to your phone 24/7 but someone who has more worth in your partner’s life than your place, can grab their attention everytime.

4. They find lying to you easy because they can cover their tracks smartly.

If you find out that your partner did lie to you then you could think of a number of situations when they have covered their tracks just to have control on your life. Cheaters in relationships don’t just consistently lie but they also try to manipulate the situations according to what they desire and interests they have for their own self. If you spot your partner’s lie even after they have denied it then you should make sure that you don’t give them a second chance.

5. They will try to be extra sweet when they want to appease their own guilt.

A cheater knows that he/she is doing wrong to their partner and they also don’t want them to get hurt. So, to overcompensate their guilt, they try to act extra sweet and affectionate towards you just to appease their own guilt. After reading this, don’t think that your partner has a soft corner for you but, they want to have less burden on their heart and mind when they leave you.

6. They have a reputation to cheat in previous relationships.

Once a cheater is always a cheater and it is actually true that if a cheater has a reputation for being unfaithful in previous relationships then there’s really no stopping them from doing it again in the future.

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