Marriage is an underrated mutual agreement; people fail to satisfy its demands, because they rush to be together without giving each other time and space, and to think about their contributions to the relationship.The following ways could be the reasons a marriage dissolves:

Neglecting the small gestures

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When love relationship turns into a marriage commitment, people believe that noticing small gestures or talking about them is not important to instill daily. On purpose if you are neglecting significant moments of your partner’s life then it will bring no good rather you are doing harm to your relationship. Naturally, if you cannot express yourself and your partner understands then that’s acceptable.

In order to progress in your relationship, you need to make small gestures of love grand and let her know that she is important in your life. There should not be any hesitation on your part expressing your love on everyday. The more you will neglect the need to tell her that you love her the more you are creating distance in between you and your partner.

Not supporting her to face off her insecurities

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She needs you when she feels vulnerable and not giving her support when she needs her the most will widen the gap between both of you. She may get insecure about her looks, in that time, your encouraging words that she is the most beautiful woman you ever saw, will boost her confidence and she will blossom like you have never seen her before. She may have disturbing nights of how she will fulfill your expectations and saying to her that you know she is doing everything that she could will relax her. But if you don’t pay attention to her insecurities or taken them lightly then you will see her and your relationship wither in not time.

Letting out anger on her every day

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Being angry or letting out anger is not a problem perhaps; it is natural for a human being to get angry. However, if she is being the only victim of your aggression and you are making her responsible for your bad day at work then you will soon see her going part ways.

Too fast marriage decision

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You have rushed into marriage after falling in love and now living together you have realized that you two are not compatible to compromise or live life with each other. This post marriage revelation is making you regret each day and somehow you are getting away from her. You are trying to bring everything to work but it seems futile. In this instance, you mind is processing more negativity and this could be the failure of your marriage.

Never getting over a fight or an argument

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Prolonged fights and not getting over will ruin the sanctity of your relationship and this is the common reason how men destroy their marriages. A conflict is inevitable in a marriage relationship but the best way to handle it is to raise your point and also understand the perspective of your partner. If you keep on feeding your ego and not saying sorry to get over and move on then your relationship will deteriorate every passing moment.

Imposing yourself on her

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You cannot expect a person to live as you say or do as per your demand. She has an equal part in the marriage as you have therefore accepting her with her place will make her a better person. If you try to impose yourself and your opinions on her to change her imperfections then your marriage will crumble, she will no longer take your criticism, and it will fail.