5 Ways of a Man Who Isn’t Into You

Being in a relationship will never determine if it will last long and happy or it will end after a month. Let’s talk about some problems that women face with their partners. Sometimes, when women fall in a relationship, they get attached to the person so much and start expecting that soon he will propose her but the scenario is opposite. Things start to change the way they were before, relationship will become a depressing phase of life and stress permeates the love air.

Why the man starts to behave strangely, one could understand is the lack of interest from the man in the woman. There can be several reasons, why men start losing their interest in the women, whom they used to love once. If you are going through the same phase in your love life then here are 5 ways to watch at of a man who isn’t into you. By the time you will reach to the last point, it will be confirmed that your love is one-sided.

Disrespectful attitude

A relationship without respect becomes a burden and suffocates you. In case the person, with whom you are dating, does not respect you in front of people and even when you both are alone, then it means he is not in love with you. Respect is primary in every relationship; absence of respect means you are just a liability that he will soon get rid of.

Communication is necessary

In case your boyfriend avoids talking to you, or does not take time out to spend with you, then he is not interested in you. Well, earlier, you were receiving calls or intimate messages from him but now days go by and he doesn’t even bother to send you a HELLO message is the signal that he is no more interested in you.

Trust is no longer present Trust

For all those women, whose boyfriends keep on inquiring them or pointing their fingers on them for not being loyal, it is an alarming signal that their partners are not actually into them anymore. They seem more insecure but in actual they are just passing their time and will leave them on getting someone better.

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He never shares

A relationship stands on the support of trust and being open to each other. Sharing experiences, goals, thoughts and past are most important elements of any relationship. But your boy never shares or contributes in sharing his past, thoughts or ambitions and you are just sharing each and everything about your life. This means he doesn’t consider you a part of his life; he is not into you.

More infatuation than love

Initially, infatuation brings two people closer to start a new phase of love life. If infatuation doesn’t turn into a strong bond then there is a clear sign that love has never been the essence of the emotional attachment and soon the relationship will break when he finds another attraction. He is just playing his love tricks and he is not into you at all.

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