5 Ways Every Partner should learn to Avoid Fights

Why living with guilt after a fight when you can settle an issue with prudence and understanding?

Fighting leaves a bad taste and a devastating experience with repercussions in the end. It feels like you have drowned in negative energy spread all across your relationship and it is ruining all the happiness you both have spent together. There should be a way or ways out to avoid fights with your partner but what would it (they) be?

In the incipient phase of a relationship, couples come across things, habits, past flings or important decisions that have an impact on the present and your partner can feel uneasy over them. But this is how relationship works and develops into a strong bond. You may find the underlying dilemma to be suffocating but it’s good to get over it for once and all and never butt heads again.

According to a psychologist, it is not unhealthy to have a conflict when you are in the developing phase of an intimate connection but the way you handle or put some forethought when it is going to occur will matter the most.

Work pressure, peer competition, financial instability and social isolation are some of the very common roots that can come between partners and instigate a fight. By understanding each other’s position, one of the partners can avoid going into an unfavorable situation.

There are some other ways we think partners should learn to prevent fights:

1. Try to diffuse an argument to avoid fights with your partner

It may sound a hard kick on the pride to apologize for your misbehavior but this is the way to make things better. Admitting that you were/are wrong is an incredible way to diffuse an argument.

2. Reach to the middle way where both parties are happy

Swallowing your pride by apologizing is difficult but compromising or choosing a middle way can be easy. Especially, when matter is of trivial nature then coming to mid conclusion where both parties remain happy sounds less harmful to the relationship.

3. Give your partner the leeway when in a bad mood

Relationships are delicate and demand immense care and caution from both partners. Couples spend most of the time together and may give each other the freedom to interfere in matters but when the significant other does not accept your intervention occasionally then you should try to give space until your partner gets back normal.

avoid fights

Both parties are equally important and so do their personal space in a relationship. But the thing you need to understand is that try to avoid making an environment where you don’t care about your partner’s moods, it puts you in a position of being disrespectful and selfish.

4. Your partner needs as much respect and privacy as you do

People say the more you are open to your partner the more deep you connection is but the best theory and in practice is giving respect and privacy to your other half is more important than a good sex life.

Partners should have their own sets of interests, friends, and hobbies. This way they don’t get bored of each other, stay happier and relaxed without responsibilities to others.

5. Do meditation and stay away from negative energy

There are many factors and sometimes people to instigate a situation or instill a negative emotion between partners. Mindfulness-meditation is an ability to observe one’s thought without judgment.

Meditation is an incredible power if a person practices daily can allow that person to cope with a fight.

Are you managing your intimate relationship with your ways, we’d love to hear about your of coping fights.