5 Easy Tips to Boost up Wi-Fi Performance

Does Your Wi-Fi Always Crack out When You Need It The Most? Do you want your Wi-Fi to work at its best? Because you are now frustrated with this daily exercise of making Wi-Fi work best.

Two basic factors should consider if you want to get rid of Wi-Fi related problems. One is the Speed and other is The Signal (coverage), like for example if it takes time to load a web page then it means there is a Speed problem on the other hand if you get a high streaming speed only when you are near to the router then it is not worth to have this much speed you have to work on to strength your signal (coverage).

So what will you do if you have to work in a room that is for from your router or if you have to make a quick assignment and you web page is taking much time to load? For the reason read through the following tips that will surely help you to make the performance of your Wi-Fi better:

Choose the less Crowded Channel

Sometimes the problem arises due to wrong setting of the channel, just like a TV channel Wi-Fi routers also have a complete channel setting. While setting a Wi-Fi router you are asked to make setting and during the setting router automatically choose the channel, check if it has chosen the less crowded channel or what. And if that channel is not less crowded then search for the less crowded channel and set manually.

Update The Router’s Software

Check if there is an update due for your router? Because most of the home users skips updating the router’s firmware, that later become problematic if it is not updated timely. In some cases, it happened that router itself skips the notification of an update or sometimes user itself ignore or miss the update. So make sure your router is up to date or also set the automatic update. Also, update the firmware of the adapter.

Put Your Router In Right Position

Most of the time position of the router creates the signal or speed problem. At times you need to make changes in the router’s position like if your Wi-Fi is snuggled against the modem then you need to move it from this place because ideally it should not be in close contiguity to the modem. You should also try to minimize the mirrors from the rooms as it reflects the Wi-Fi signals if it has metal with it.

Access Point Changes

By setting up the router as an access point, you can make the performance of your Wi-Fi better. In order to does this connect the LAN port of the second router to the LAN Port of the first router and also you need to set the IP address and Netmask accordingly, i.e. if the IP of your First router is and the Netmask is then make the second router IP as but keep the Netmask same.

Go For High-Gain Antennas

Antennas are, however, the most important factor to consider, where internal setting is important at the same time antennas should be upgraded. So if you have external antennas then must consider a high booster antenna for you Wi-Fi router and position it an accurate direction.

Image Source: Flickr