4 Reasons Don’t Stay In Contact With Your Ex

Chapter closed! Don’t rewind it!

Once you have been through a chapter in your life, don’t go back and try to rewind all over.

Breakup is a reality of a relationship just like the success of it. Reasons can be different, petty or lingering, but that doesn’t end your life. There are other possibilities waiting for you to open the door and you just need to take that leap.

Breakups end up disappointing and traumatizing because neither of the two in a relationship would expect this ordeal before going into a relationship. This experience is shocking for the people especially the ones who are inexperienced in the area.

You can’t stop your lifestyle because there is life beyond bad breakups. There are other people around who are waiting for your positive response and you should give them chance instead of wallowing on your past. People give advice to move on which is not easy yet not impossible to counter if you get control of your emotions.

The chapter of your past relationship is closed and you shouldn’t rewind it on any reason. This is not the first time that a breakup occurs in someone’s life. There are other people too if you look around who have managed to sustain the bad times and bad breakups in the past. They have moved on so do you.

If it has happened to you recently or in the past then don’t stay in contact with your ex. Don’t give in to the temptation of going back to what has been closed, it’s going to be a bad idea and here’s why:

1. You need time to recover from the wounds of a broken relationship.

Emotional wounds aren’t easy to heal, it takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to finally recover and mend you. Medicines won’t help anyway only time can heal all wounds. Hence, staying away from the possibility of seeing your ex will only be helpful to get over your romantic breakup.

Time will be crucial and difficult right after the breakup, you will be left feeling particularly broken. People don’t stay in their self and lose focus easily, you should have a person at that time to keep your back and support you when you lose control all over. Focus on yourself only and give sometime to the healing process before you feel that you can open yourself to another possibility.

2. You are beating a dead horse if you keep making contact.

If there would be any chance for you and your ex to save your relationship then you shouldn’t be on two separate roads. It’s done and there is no use of going back to the same point when all the roads that go to your ex are already been burned to ashes. Don’t waste your energy on a dead horse.

Relationships aren’t easily made or developed but the great deal of energy is invested by two people in it. You have done your part and you didn’t get any reward for that rather pain and only pain. So, when a relationship is already past its expiry then you should not persist in making contact with your ex.

3. You cannot deviate from reality and wish to relive every bad moment, only to make it up again.

Every passing day to dream these fantasies in your head that you could have had together will take you away from reality. You want to believe in the visions where you see you and your ex together and happily. Unfortunately, these visions are pure fantasy and nothing else you can have in the present.

Your efforts to mend all the broken pieces will deprive you of the opportunity of actually living in the real life where it really matters. Move on and don’t deviate from real life path.

4. Your life hasn’t stopped at all, you need to keep moving for your better future.

Grieving will take out all the negative emotions out of your physical state and that is okay. Let it all out and only then you will feel relieved. There are countless other possibilities waiting in your life for you to grab and make your future bright, your life hasn’t stopped yet.

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