30 Signs that Show your Husband is Cheating on you

The relationship of husband and wife is particularly strongest and weakest both at the same time. Here we are discussing about the signs which could tell the wife that there is something alarming bubbling on the other end. Following are the things which if a woman notices, should get alarmed as her husband could be cheating on her.

  1. He will be avoiding being alone with you in the room as he would be trying to avoid any personal talk with you.
  2. He will prefer traveling alone because in you, he does not have much interest anymore.
  3. If you feel that he has stopped initiating any intimate touching, then it is alarming.
  4. If you find that he talks to you but keep looking here and there instead of looking in your eyes, then dig the situation.
  5. He will start valuing his work more instead of spending his free time at home.
  6. The things he used to discuss with you will be stopped coming out from his side.
  7. In case you notice that there is one more email account that he is using now, then you must inquire about it.
  8. Your cheating husband will also get more than one social networking accounts.
  9. If you notice that he does not bring gifts, flowers and anything special for you, then he is definitely seeing someone else
  10. He will prefer not to spend time with you at home.
  11. You will notice that he has stopped keeping message history in phone.
  12. He will hardly ask for sexual connection.
  13. You will notice him that he avoids participating in family discussions.
  14. You will feel that he gets annoyed for nothing valuable at home.
  15. He will go out for short period of time, but will take hours to return back home.
  16. You will feel that he argues for teeny weenie stuff just to prove that he is right.
  17. You will find him spending more on his wardrobe.
  18. In case your husband has started dressing up differently, then it is someone else for whom he is doing this special thing.
  19. He will become conscious about his beauty and looks.
  20. You will feel that his taste in music has also changed. He will stop listening to the genres of music which he used to listen before.
  21. In case your husband has stated showing interest in business/work gatherings or parties, which he never used to attend, then it is for sure that he has now interesting person there, who attracts him to those parties.
  22. In case you feel that for him you don’t value anymore, then it is definitely another girl who has taken your place.
  23. You might also see him taking interest in learning new language. This might be a rare sign though.
  24. He will start going out of house for work too early before his office hours and will come back too late after his work hours.
  25. You should be worried if he has got a new phone number.
  26. You will find him becoming money saver, which he never used to be and this can be the alarm of entry of a new girl in his life on whom he has started spending more.
  27. He will start wearing new fragrance before going out of home.
  28. You will find him becoming more active and energetic about life.
  29. Your husband will become socially more active than before.
  30. His overall interests will start changing with the time.