The 23 Awesome Photobombs That Made These Weddings Unforgettable

The wedding day is always very important in everybody’s life, and to have an interesting or unique photo is everyone’s wish. But taking an interesting picture is quite hard, but an ordinary picture can become something hilarious and memorable if someone is there at your wedding to ‘improve it’.

Mash of life brings to you some amazing “failed” wedding pictures that are no doubt the star of your family’s photo album.

Unexpected guests

© Ian Christmann

How About No Cat?

© Pass_the_lolly/reddit

An awkward moment

© SunnySideScrambled/imgur

A wave of emotions

© Pinky’s Pix

“What are you doing?! Stop!”

© B.D.F.K. Photography

He look happier than the groom

© cc971172/reddit

“And I Fainted” Dammit!

© the_goodstuff/reddit

He looks very excited

© IAmStraticus/reddit

Tom Hardy waves at a bridal party.

© joinyouinthesun/imgur

The first look: She is laughing, I’m crying

© trexmoflex/reddit

You and the prettiest girl on the dance floor

© Zhesion/imgur

When the universe gives you a sign

© Mikedwolf/reddit

Everybody is kissing!

© Leah Bullard

Dance like no one is taking your picture

© RadioGuyRob/reddit

Curious about BTS?

© DJWood/imgur

Plz give us the rings.

© FishMcBite/reddit

Want to catch the bouquet

© unknown/imgur


© indecisiveredditor/reddit

Detroit neighborhood and our wedding photo

© mactumbo/reddit

Best wedding photobombs

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Preview photo credit SunnySideScrambled/imgur