21 Toxic Habits That Ruin Our Relationships

It is being daily heard that the rate of divorce and separation is increasing. Relationships have not remained long lasting and strong anymore. There is a main role of some bad habits that ruin our relationships these days. This article will throw light on 21 toxic habits that ruin our relationships.

  1. Never discourage your partner. Try to encourage him/her.
  2. Not having the capacity of showing agreeing behavior to your partner can lead your relationship to a destructive level.
  3. People don’t realize the value of keeping their relationships personal. Try not to disclose your personal feelings, issues and topics with anyone else.
  4. Lack of communication is yet another problem or habit that creates gap and distance between the two people. Try talking on more issues of your personal life.
  5. If you have had your past with someone else and you don’t share this with your present partner, then this can lead you to a road of problems and stress.
  6. Keeping secrets is one of the toxin habits that ruin our relationships. Keep your relation crystal clear.
  7. Try not to always say no for everything. Inflexibility is damaging for any loving relationship.
  8. Don’t disclose your partner’s weaknesses or bad habits in front of others.
  9. Never point out your partner’s weakness bluntly to him/her.
  10. Try not to value other people more than your love. Your love should always be your prime attention and priority.
  11. If you have had your past, then never compare it with your present partner. Nobody will accept this comparison.
  12. Never involve yourself in point scoring. It means that don’t count that you have done more good to the relationship than your partner
  13. Never discuss the mistakes that your partner made in past because bringing past in your present will create a lot of disturbance.
  14. Never be aggressive for teeny weeny things.
  15. Don’t be impatient in gaining fruitful results in building a strong bond with your partner. Haste will lead you to negative road and you will start ruining your relationship.
  16. Ignorance is also another toxin habit. Give value to every single thing that your love desires.
  17. Never threat your partner that you will leave him/her if certain issue will rise.
  18. Lying to your partner is a very destructive habit. This habit can weaken your relationship badly.
  19. Never argue or fight with your love in front of anyone else.
  20. Discussing problems at the time when your love is already in stress is yet another mistake that can ruin your relationship.
  21. Don’t try to win in any argument. Instead of this try to solve the underlying problem.