Month: March 2017

  • someone with depression

    Do not Say 8 Things to Someone with Depression

    Depression is a mental disorder that paralyzes the person and send him/her into state of sadness, withdrawal and gloom. This debilitating phase extracts every bit of positive energy and fills in

  • 9 signs if a person is overstressed

    9 Signs to Know If a Person Is Overstressed

    There are many symptoms to diagnose in a person for any ailment but if a person is overstressed then it takes time to confirm emotional disturbance. Constant pressure- mental, physical or emotional-

  • 5 Ways of a Man Who Isn’t Into You

    5 Ways of a Man Who Isn’t Into You

    Being in a relationship will never determine if it will last long and happy or it will end after a month. Let’s talk about some problems that women face with their partners. Sometimes, when women

  • Why Man Are Not Attracted To You

    Have You Wondered Why Man Are Not Attracted To You? Here Are Top 11 Reasons

    A time comes in every girl's life when she thinks that she will remain alone in her whole life. You don’t need to worry as many actresses also pass from this stage in their life. Here you will be

  • Intelligent Women

    Guys, Most of the Men Are Scared Of Intelligent Women, You Must Know Why!

    You will find a number of studies that usually try to explain that men are not impressed by the intelligent women but they are scared of them. The fact is, the findings of all these studies are

  • 10 Things Alpha Women Demand in a Partner

    10 Things Alpha Women Demand in a Partner

    Alpha women are dominating and independent in every way. Their confidence and ambition keep them ahead of everyone. At times they can be intimidating therefore they exhibit prudence while choosing a

  • 7 Habits to Find in Highly Attractive People

    7 Habits to Find in Highly Attractive People

    People connect with other people and make them part of their life on certain attributes like: intelligence, humor, appearance, like-minded views, beliefs, etc. Sometimes these attributes are common

  • Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

    7 Signs to Point out Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

    It is said commonly that partners in a relationship need to develop understanding to make an unbreakable bond. How does this understanding will form up? You need to live in a way that your partner is

  • Successful Women

    6 Defining Rules of Successful Women

    In the last decade, the world has seen a black man ruling the most powerful country-America, on his side, the first lady, Michelle Obama, a woman of substance and famous for her inspirational

  • Good Man

    11 Signs You Will Find in a Good Man

    A good or bad personality comprises of a certain set of behavioral traits. During a course of relationship, partners unmask their personality characteristics. It is impossible to state every single