20 Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Physical and s*xual abuses are two of the most common types of abuses, which are harming individuals at great number across the globe. Amongst all the types of abuses, emotional abuse is one of the most damaging ones. It actually does not leave any apparent sign on body, but it damages one psychologically. And this damage lasts over a long period of time. Emotional abuse can be in any type of relationship. According to some studies, children aging over 14 across the globe are the most common victims. When a person is emotionally abused, his/her self-esteem and confidence are damaged to the most. Today you will learn about 20 warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. And they will help you evaluate that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

  1. You will be constantly and repeatedly humiliated by someone in relation with you, in front of other people.
  2. You will be told that anything that you do is not worthy and not even appreciable.
  3. All you actions will be criticized which will leave you hurt and broken.
  4. Your choices will be mocked off.
  5. People around you will try to have control over you completely including your actions, words, choices and even sometimes on your eating and dressing habits.
  6. All your failures and weaknesses will be pointed out and discussed time and again.
  7. Your emotions and feelings will not be valued at all.
  8. Someone’s disapproving and humiliated looks are going to feel you scared of being alone with that person.
  9. You will be kept deprived of the display and expression of love and affection, which will be hurtful for you.
  10. Whenever you will achieve your goals or will be successful in your profession or in any walk of life, it is not going to be appreciated at all.
  11. All your secrets will be disclosed even if you will be unwilling for this.
  12. You will not be told about things which could help you get success.
  13. You are going to be blamed for others’ problems and losses.
  14. People will make fun of you.
  15. You will always be considered wrong.
  16. You will be told that you are not worthy enough to be in someone’s life.
  17. You will be threatened in the form of suggestions.
  18. Whenever you will not be around with the person, you are in relation with; you are going to be checked. They will call you, text you and try to spy you just to check whom you are spending your time with.
  19. You will be forced to prove your love time and again.

Will be cursed and accused for the things you have not done.