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15 Super Easy Ideas to Turn a Bad Day into Good One

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15 Super Easy Ideas to Turn a Bad Day into Good One

Every day, the moment we rise from our bed, we wish everything goes according to our plan. Sometime it happens and sometime not. Moments can make a day or turn into a bad day. Make sure you are taking control of the moments you want to bring into your life. Cherish all the moments and happiness come in your today, tomorrow, and future with the following super easy ideas:

1. Deep Breaths

There is no life without breathing and your body can go into anxiety mode when you breathe less and worry more. In the midst of achieving goals, we take more pressure on our nerves and do not do the most important thing in life i.e. breathing.

Deep breaths allow your mind and body to relax and think clearly. Whenever you feel your mind is not getting clear idea or cloudy about a decision you stuck on, just go out in open and take at least 5 deep breaths.

2. Water, elixir of life

The second most important facet of life is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Proper hydration helps all the organs of the body to work in full capacity. Dehydration can lead to fatigue. Water is your natural elixir of life.

3. Making your bed is a small accomplishment

You will think this as an absurd idea but there is a hidden accomplishment in this monotonous activity. Making your bed is not fun rather a small victorious step to a big glorious day. This one act will allow you to maintain a positive outlook the whole day.

4. Rejuvenating early morning

A splash of cold water on face or taking shower early morning is a way of rejuvenating a lethargic body and mind. Do this with mindfulness and instantly your senses will feel alive.

5. Immerse yourself in nature

Throughout the day, we spend a large part of our life in close doors and shut windows. An early morning nature kick gives oxygen boost to the body and maintains apt blood flow to the brain and other body functions. Try to get up at least an hour before your office time. Soak some sunlight and immerse yourself in nature to relieve stress.

6. Keep a snack with you but no junk food item

A well-balanced diet keeps mind and body healthy. During work, we sometimes forget to eat lunch as meetings go on back-to-back. In such times, a little snack item helps to regain blood sugar level. It saves you from feeling sluggish and being irritable. Choose dried nuts, seeds or granula bars instead of sugar-laden and fried food.bad day

7. Change of environment

A small interval in a stressful day gives you time to stay away from the depressing and stifling environment. Take a break and go on a round, may be around your office premises or out in the garden to relax.

8. A positive note to turn a bad day is music

Music on a certain frequency can have a serene effect on your mind and body. When you are on the edge of your nerves and feel stranded in a situation, try to listen to some upbeat music. According to study, our brain releases a certain chemical called, endorphin, when exposed to the music of our taste.

9. Start your day with small victories

You may have big tasks to accomplish in the day but running through the to-do list upon awakening can manifest a sense of overwhelm.

Starting your day with small victories prepare your mind for big challenges ahead. Doing small tasks with full attention prepares a more optimistic mindset.

10. Light exercise

A brisk 10-minute walk or light workout promotes better health and helps your mind to stay in the positive frame of mind.

11. Laughter releases feel-good hormones

Starting your day on a lighter note or a joyful chat leaves the same effect as listening to music or exercise do.

12. Writing Diary

Pen down your thoughts in your Diary or keep a journal instead of revisiting the same thoughts in your mind every day. It may help to release the stress that often compartmentalize in your brain.

13. Healthy sleeping schedule

Keep your sleep schedule consistent as it ensures a good night’s rest and allows your muscles to relax and be fully prepared for the next day chores. Further, a healthy sleep pattern improves concentration, mood, energy levels, and sharp memory.

14. Break monotony and do some mind exercises

The daily work is needed to keep up a life style but one should also understand that for an active mind you need to work for the development of your mind.

This development can stagnate if you just do monotonous and boring work every single day. Schedule a game of your favorite sport, do a crossword puzzle, learn a new language, or try your skill with musical instrument.

Bringing such activities in your life will improve your confidence and strengthen your brain’s ability to tackle challenges ahead.

15. Change your outlook by practicing mindfulness

Negativity surrounds us all the time as there is more stress, anxiety, and tension in people that serenity and calmness. Mindfulness sharpens the ability to ponder on the positive aspects of the moments; moments that you are living now without being judgmental.

Acting non-judgmentally serves your mind and body with the thoughts of happiness and promotes feelings of relaxation.

It improves focus on the positive effects and being constructive in ideas. It provokes such thoughts that do not allow the negativity to derail your happiness.

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