You can’t love a guy who isn’t into you. It hard to stay in a relationship where you feel uncomfortable and where you that your is just using, he doesn’t love. He just wants to stay with you to fulfil his needs and desires. At this situation, move out from the relationship and do what’s best for you.

15. He asked you to things for him


He doesn’t about you and just want you to do random things for him, which he can do by himself but doesn’t do it without any valid reason.

14. He talks to you or think about at night


He intestinally asks you to hang out at this time because he knows that answer will be no from your side. He is just playing around with you.

13. He won’t be there for you always


He doesn’t care what you are doing, where are you or with whom you are. All he wants is you to be there when he needs you no matter what. That’s it

12. Postponing things is what he does

You can see when he begins to take perpetually on things he truly shouldn’t. When he is using you, it doesn’t matter to him that you are waiting for him and your time is being wasted.

11. He doesn’t show up for plans

He doesn’t care for arranging things since he wouldn’t like to appear like he chips on plans constantly. He will call you last moment and not have a justifiable reason with respect to why he couldn’t make it.

10. Being sweet all of sudden

One day he will show how lucky he is to have you and how great you are and another he can’t considerably recall calling you or text you back. You can’t trust him.

9. He is different when he is with his friends


When he doesn’t love you, he will act totally different when he is with his friends. He doesn’t want his peeps to think anything uncool about him.

8. There is no honesty


He doesn’t give honest advices, just make everything good he will say what you want to hear.

7. There are no couple talks


He doesn’t share his feelings with you because he doesn’t you two as a future.

6. You guys don’t think alike about relationship


Your relationship might be growing but his intentions are totally different from yours.

5. He lets you down

He never shows up for plans you made together and you are not his priority

4. He is never convenient for you

You should be with someone who keeps check on you and take care of you always and always. He is not like that

3. No respect in relationship


When he is just using and doesn’t love you he won’t respect you. Whether you’re alone or in public he always humiliates you.

2. You are not happy


You feel along these lines when he begins to agitate you for no clear reason. You blame yourself for him acting this way yet it’s most certainly not.

1. It’s not the same as it used to be


From he isn’t treating you ideal to him disregarding you, you begin to see things all the more at this point.