15 Keys to Living a Long and Happy Life

Who does not want to live a happy and long life? Of course, every single person out there is struggling to live a long life that is filled with happiness. And for that reason, people work hard in different directions. But what if, a question is asked to you that what is the essence of a long and happy life? Would you be able to give an immediate answer to it? Of course it will be difficult for you. There is no scientific formula to it. Read about the 15 keys to living a long and happy life.

Be optimistic

People who think positive, they live long and stay happy. The reason is that they remain thankful for what they have, which ultimately keeps them happy.

Try to stay happy and laugh more

Laughing is the best medicine to cure many diseases. If you will laugh more, then you are going to live long. Staying happy for your present is also the best way to live a long life. Whining over little lacking in life is only going to decrease your lifespan.

Live your individuality

Live the way you are. Don’t try to change yourself to make others happy. Keeping your personality individual and strong is going to help you live long and happily.

Try to become a vegetarian

According to many studies, people who eat more vegetables as compared to those, who are meat eaters, they live a healthy and long life.

Take good sleep

Taking an average of 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night is one of the best ways to increase your lifespan. It also helps in keeping you fresh every morning when you get up. this way you will remain happy with your life as well.

Try to spend more time in sun

People, who live in places like Huawei, their lives are longer as compared to those, who live in Mississippi. It means that living in sunny and tropical states is one of the causes of living long.

Exercise more

The more you walk, do yoga or exercise regular, the more are chances of living long.

Be helpful to others

Try to solve the problems of others. This is going to add a lot of positivity in your life. You will feel good about doing so. Ultimately, your life will be happy and in this way, you will live longer.

Plan frequent holidays

Going on vacations give you break from your hectic routine life. In this way, you get more energetic and charged up. It adds happiness to your life and you get to spend quality long life as well.

Spend more time with family

Staying closer to your family helps you to forget all the worries and tensions. And a person, who lives a worry free life, he is happy.

Be spiritual

Try to be spiritual. Be thankful to your Creator. In this way, you will get more good from His side.

Self-positive affirmation

Keep on telling yourself that you are a good being and the life you have, is awesome.

Mental activeness

It is said that empty mind is devil’s home. Therefore, keep your mind busy in good activities.

Be careful for what you do

Live a life close to perfection. Try not to be harmful or hurtful to anyone deliberately or unintentionally.

Come out of low state in no time

Every person once in a lifetime could come in low state or one could get financially weak. To keep your life happy and long, you should never be in negative and low state of mind. You should immediately try to come out of that low state of mind by sharing your problems with your love ones.