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15 Honest Confessions What Men Find Unattractive in Women

men find unattractive in women

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15 Honest Confessions What Men Find Unattractive in Women

Well, they are not eloquent what men find unattractive in women still in secret they willingly discuss about their honest confessions. Besides physical attributes there are other things that men don’t find attractive:

1. Overconfidence

Confidence is the shiny armor of every girl and it also attracts attention of men. However, overconfidence gets you in trouble. It becomes weird when you try to behave over smart, over efficient because it can rub a guy the wrong way.

2. Poor personal hygiene

Poor personal hygiene in a girl is unbearable by any guy, let alone for another girl too. You don’t stand a chance to attract your guy if you don’t have proper personal hygiene and that includes disgusting body stench and unpleasant mouth smell.  These two factors are most important to get an impression of a girl’s hygiene routine.

3. Rough hands and unpolished nails

Guys are not attracted to high maintenance nails and rough hands. Intricate nail art on women means that they spend hefty on manicure sessions. Guys like more natural looking nails and moisturized, soft skin.

4. Superficial Lip Pout

Cosmetic industry got a boom with lip surgeries and making them looking plump and big. Girls find their superficial lip pouts trendy but men don’t find overly plump lips attractive.

5. Smoking

Smoking may help you to release anxiety for some time but your guy may not like you doing this. It also comes with various health issues.

6. Excessive makeup

Learn the tricks to cover flaws of your skin with a few suitable products but don’t use excessive foundation or go overboard with applying makeup. Try searching tips online and beauty products suit your skin because your guy may not find your cake face attractive.

7. Lack of communication in person

You may be savvy in keeping up communication over social media and dating apps but not being able to hold a conversation in person may turn your guy off.

8. Condescending tone

High volume and condescending tone are things guys don’t approve of in a girl. Guys may find it annoying if a girl doesn’t know how to maintain tone according to a situation.

9. Lack of passion

Besides love life, men like their woman having passion for other things in life. A goal in life gives a purpose and don’t make life seem boring. It makes you more interesting and attractive to men.

10 .Self-pity

Self-pity attracts negativity and it is exhausting living in misery at all times. It ends a spark in a relationship and turns men off seeing a girl in self-misery.

11. Bi**hing

Men find it rude and are not fond of when girls are bi**hing and trying to malign the character of another girl.

12. Playing charades over your feelings

Guys don’t like playing charades and guessing why you’re upset or mad. If a girl thinks that a guy will catch on to subtle hints that she is in a bad mood then she’s thinking it wrong.

13. More bragging

Men find it really unattractive when a girl brags a lot and thinks that she is better than everyone else. Guys like them modest and being less c**ky.

14. Facial hair

Take care of yourself and try to learn likes and dislikes of your man. It’s a 21st century and there are effective tools and cosmetic ways to get rid of facial hair. If your guy doesn’t like facial hair then there is nothing wrong getting consultation from a beautician.

15. Insecurities and not owning your skin

Guys don’t like when girls try to pretend more and do something weird in order to hide their insecurities. Be confident and talk about your insecurities to your man.

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