15 Best Workout for fitness

Nathalie Schyllert

Her high spirits never left her shattered when she left ballerina training due to injury and worked towards an athletic and sporty body, later, which grants her fame to endorse world’s famous brands like Adidas, Stella McCartney, and Elle. Running a one-to-one personal training company named as Bodyism in Bulgari Hotel in London, Nathalie believes in lengthening, strengthening and toning circuits with addition to clean and lean lifestyle.

She has shared three things that make a difference in shaping fitness:

  1. Stay away from stress. With intent or unintentionally, stress can pay you a visit whatever or whoever the reason could become. Due to increase in stress hormone cortisol, our body becomes prone to gain weight which affect, especially, around middle.
  2. Make organic food mandatory in your life and diminishing bad carbs including pasta, bread, etc and sugar from your living.
  3. If long runs don’t make you satisfied then skip that and instead go for something you feel like doing with heart and soul. This will help you too in cutting stress level hence you will lose more weight.
  4. Nathalie’s exercise routine nearly rotates around her working hours. Her training sessions include: two hours long dynamic yoga sessions and one regeneration session (whether stretching, foam rolling legs or a massage), in addition she prefers to walk to and from office; 20 minutes single side.
  5. Nathalie’s mantra to gauge her body shape is entirely different. She uses mirror or clothes to keep in check with her weight changes rather than a weighing scale. Her days no more than two days off on special occasions in exercise routine.

Dalton Wong

His Dad’s death from heart attack awakens his strategies for fitness to exercise daily and eat for health. Based in South Kensington, prominent among Hollywood big shots, Twenty Two Training is Dalton’s company; a one-to-one personal training gym studio. Dalton’s vision is to teach people how to stay fit and healthy.

Things that are paramount in Dalton’s life to make a difference are:

  1. Set your goal. In the beginning, record your vital statistics that how fit you are, work towards time management for training sessions, and most importantly what you are aiming at: is your dream weight a target you want to achieve,? How much long you will be able to run? Or the number of reps you will be able to lift.
  2. Keep recording changes occurring in your body, this will act as a driving force you can give to yourself.
  3. Don’t be too hard on your body. Dalton takes a day off in a week and a week off after eight weeks to relax and enjoy. This way you will not feel tired or unwilling to continue your workout
  4. Dalton’s exercise routine revolves around 90-minute Brazilian ju jitsu, 15 minute cardio and stretching to work on flexibility that goes four nights a week. He suggests hip flexor stretch for people who sit at their desk all day long.
  5. Dalton says he loves being competitive therefore he put targets and break them as well. Along with his company, he participates in triathlons, marathons, and competitions like Tough Mudder.

David Higgins

His expertise in body sculpting, slimming, and toning are renowned in London under his company’s name, Ten Pilates. David takes exercise as a fun activity rather feeling it a chore.

David recommends following things and practices them as well personally to a great fitness:

  1. Water intake at least 2 liters per day is useful in attaining maximum out of your
  2. David thinks that competition is a healthy aspect in terms of staying motivated and for David, the motivation comes from the classes he trained.
  3. A positive inner voice that yes you can do it makes the most powerful and inspiring tool you can have.
  4. In a week David does two hours of weight training, three-spin cardiolates, and Pilate’s hybrid a week. Fitness is above everything in David’s lifestyle.

For David, being consistent in setting up goals and achieving them is extremely important instead of making high resolutions which at end you are not able to complete.