He Does 15 Amazing Things, It Feels Like A Forever Thing

The moment you think about to plan your future with your partner, it raises a lot of questions in mind and everything seems a bit unclear. He has been a loving and caring mate so far but whether he will turn out a good husband or not is hard to say. Finding a good man, the one who will protect you from harm and will stay loyal throughout is every girl’s dream. From this day, start observing your boyfriend because if he does 15 amazing things then it will be like a forever thing and there will be no doubt left behind.

1. He is appreciative

He appreciates your kind gestures and it is not hard for him to say thank you.

2. He praises every day

He tells you every day that you are beautiful and praiseworthy.

3. He makes moments interesting

There is not a single moment that he will not have something interesting for both of you. His spontaneous road trips or sneak out plans at night want you to be with him forever.

4. He wants to live future with you

Being with him will be like a forever thing because it is all about you in his future plans.

5. He has sorted out things to live with you

Well, financial matters or buying a home for both of you, he has sorted out things and this indicates his willingness to spend his life with you.

6. He gives you assurance that he will marry you

A man will not make a commitment unless he is sure about it. He has been giving you assurance that he will marry you is a big sign that he will.

7. His character is not dodgy

He may have many friends or colleagues who are girls but you have never heard wrong for his character. He is friendly but also knows his limits.

8. He has absolute trust in you

When you are sure that he will not stalk you or follow your trail on a girls’ night out that means he has complete trust in you for big or little things.

9. He is crazy for you and everyone knows it

His friends and family are aware of the intensity of love for you and the way he is protective when you two are together, gives assurance that he is insanely in love with you.

10. His love has no bounds

He accepts his relationship with you openly and nothing stops him from telling you that his love for you is increasing.

11. He is interested in every minute detail of your life

He listens to people attentively who speak about your life and how you have reached at this position. If something bothers you, he wants to know about it.

12. He sticks to your side

You are sure that he is going to come running to you when you will call him 3am at night. If anxiety seeps in you, he wants to stay by your side and will talk you through till you get relaxed.

13. He knows your coffee mood and your favorite flavor

You don’t have to order coffee for yourself when he is with you. He’s a keeper because he knows exactly the temperature of your coffee and your favorite flavor.

14. He always considers your favorite food places

Whenever he has to plan lunch or dinner outside, you don’t have to tell him that you want to go Chinese, Thai, French, or Lebanese. He knows your mood and picks your favorite food place.

15. He’s proud of everything you do

He supports you as your biggest fan. When you are skeptical about something, he makes sure that you know he is proud of you.