13 Ways to Know He Is an Emotionally Broken Man

Does your man respond to your love in the same way you love him? Know it here…

1. He exactly knows what he wants:


Apparently, it seems people who are emotionally broken always know what they want in life or have everything figured out. In reality, they never reveal their emotional state to the outer world and become successful fooling everyone into thinking that, they are this ray of sunshine with a master plan for life.

2. You may find him cold and distant at times:


People, emotionally broken, bottle up things inside but there will come a time when he will unleash what he is trying for so long in his heart. Mostly, he will deal with his problems headfirst, never making you feel that something is wrong. He might be cold and distant when this will happen but be not indifferent to his state, he loves you and he just needs his time to handle things.

3. He will never talk about his true emotions:

Society has put a lot of pressure on men and women equally. For men, crying or shedding tears in front of others is not a good sight to watch. People believe, this makes men appear weak when they are they should be unshakable. Your man is not speaking to you about his pain or sorrow is because of the same reason.

4. He never puts his guard down:


Emotionally and physically broken people put a tall wall up in front of their emotions. They have gone through a series of trauma that have made them wary of any situation that comes through. They don’t trust the way other people can do and so their partners have to go through a big deal to earn their trust.

5. He can’t trust you:

Linking to the previous point, trust is the hardest to achieve with the emotionally broken men. It is you to be patient with them and let him take his time to build trust on you. Because when he will be sure that you are the one who is going to support in thick and thin then he will never lose you.

6. He has twisted response to your love, don’t worry:


Emotionally broken men have gone through nothing but manipulation, criticism, and abuse, so don’t love him less if they have a twisted response to your affection. They will make you feel that you are worthless in his life but the truth is a broken man doesn’t really know what it is like to be loved. His twisted response will make you restless but don’t let that stop you. Give more love and affection to him because eventually he will start to feel much safer with you.

7. He thinks your kind gestures are to get favors:

He has been manipulated by other people with their kind gestures and so he thinks that your sweet gestures are also your tactics to manipulate him. He has paid a big price lately and has endured a great deal depression from other people.

8. He is sabotaging his relationship:


He has broken immensely from inside that he no longer think of himself worthy of any love or compassion. In his mind, he thinks you are a pure soul and he is not worthy of your love. But you have to make effort and give him assurance that he is the one who is your soul mate.

9. He is distant in intimacy:


He is carrying emotional baggage that does not let him breath freely and he could not be comfortable with you in intimate moments. Your act is to try not to rush him into something when he is not ready.

10. He doesn’t know how to share his feelings when he has to:


He has been rejected so many times that he has forgotten the way to express his feelings and open himself when he wants to. He wants to ensure that you value what he says and you will always be open for any kind of communication.

11. Loud noises make him restless:

He may have been the victim of physical abuse therefore he flinches on loud sounds. Try not to make him anxious.

12. His affection comes at his own terms:

He could not express the way you or other normal people can express therefore, he puts up cold exterior at all time. He just needs time to feel the warmth of your love around him.

13. He needs assurance that he is secured and stabled with you:


A broken man longs for love, security, and reassurance. He needs some time to develop trust and feel secured with you. You must give him space to fall for you.