13 Best Ways to Make Men feel loved

Men rarely express their feelings hence women have to put some efforts into knowing what he likes or dislikes in general or particular. Observe your man’s activities or gestures to understand him and make him feel loved.

1. Good home cooked food is every man’s weakness

Learn to cook your man’s favorite dishes. Try some fancy cooking once in a week to make his day special.

2. Groom yourself

Your man might not tell you about how you look but he definitely wants you to work on your grooming, being up-to-date, motivated and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. The more you live optimistic the better would be the atmosphere around both of you.

3. Save smartly

His income might be substantial in amount but he will always love you to save and spend smartly. Appreciate his efforts with your gratitude by telling him that how well he is doing for the family.

4. His respect is your respect

Remember, the more you will show respect to him, the same you will get in return.

5. Make his hobbies yours

From outside, he may not be the type to let you meddle with his work and hobbies but inside he always wants you to join him in his interests. You can show your love for him by engaging in the activities he loves to do in free time. This will be the most romantic experience when you two will work together.

6. Let him have his space

Don’t just always stick around when you know he loves his alone time once in a while.

7. Praise his good work

May be it just grocery shopping, or taking children to the park, or fixing a leakage, or helping you out with household chores, praises are all he wants to hear. Tell him you are so proud that he is a good father and this will make him feel loved.

8. Give him reminder of love

Show your love for him through little reminders of love in text or meet him over lunch break.

9. Plan a date for just the two of you

Surprise him on weekend by planning a day out with only him. Prepare a small snack or arrange a candle light dinner in his favorite dine in. This is a way of appreciation and expression of your love that he is important in your life and you really care about him.

10. Say compliments often

The way women wish for compliments when they wear a favorite color or clothes, in the same way a man loves to hear flattery when he looks great. Say it more often and not just this but also appreciate him in front of your family and friends that how fortunate you are that he is part of your life.

11. Apologize quickly on your mistake

Saying sorry and admitting your mistake without further argument will make him understand that you know your mistake.

12. A surprise gift will make him feel loved

He might be giving you a hint that he loves something from his favorite shop, surprise him by buying him the same thing he wants to have for so long.

13. Consider his opinion

Go for his opinion in a matter where you are stuck and not finding any open door. He will feel respected when you will value his advice.