12 Ways to Make him Miss You Badly

Ever wondered if you don’t text or call your loved one, then what will happen? Will he call you to ask where are you or will he be worried about you? If he misses, then yes, surely, he will. Apply these ways to make him miss you badly and see how important you are for him.

1. Keep your phone aside

In today’s world of social media and cell phones we will not give anybody a chance to miss us. We are always available. So give your phone some rest, go for a walk and let him wonder where are you lost and let him call you.

2. Keep him waiting

Control yourself and don’t rush. If he is calling or texting you then you don’t need to reply immediately. Take your time, complete your other stuff first. This will make him learn how to value you.

3. Be the first one to say goodbye

If you two are talking on the phone say goodbye first or if you both are out together advice going home before he says anything. It might be difficult for you if you love him like anything but this will make him realize that he doesn’t want to end the time he is spending you.

4. Restrict yourself on social media

As with phones also keep a distance with social media. Don’t upload or show everything you are doing, on social media. Be a private person. Give him a chance to miss you, to wonder what are you doing.

5. Use Science

Use Science? Confusing right? It’s simple actually use your favorite or signature perfume or scent. So that whenever he smells that perfume, he would always be missing you.

6. Don’t tell them everything

Women are talkative, so they want to tell everything about themselves to their partner. But this is not right, leave a little mystery. Let them explore about you. This will bring him close to you and also, this will make him eager to talk to you.

7. Leave something behind

Want him to miss you? Forget something, leave something behind. It can be anything your earring or a scarf. He will call you back to tell it’s with him, and a phone call can result in another meeting.

8. Make sure he earns it

Let him make some effort. Don’t serve your love for him in the plate. Don’t be cheesy. Make him realize he will not get everything all at once. He has to win your trust and be worthy first.

9. Be Busy

Don’t be available everytime for him. Show him that you are also busy. You also have to spend time with your friends and family. So, book yourself, tell him not today, you’ll meet him later.

10. Tell him your fun stories

Tell him all the fun you had with your friends. Don’t hide this from him because this surely will make him realize your importance. This trick always works.

11. Laugh together

Making him miss you is not that hard, just be kind and spread happiness in his life. If you are the one who can make him laugh and can help him forget all his tensions, then he will surely miss you.

12. Respect the space

Don’t be so possessive. Men love their freedom so don’t make them feel they have to sacrifice their freedom if they are with you. Let them live their life.