12 Traits That Men Find Irresistible in Women

Every man is looking for someone with whom he can be himself, with whom he can share his deep thoughts, fears and someone he can count on. So, to find such partner a man does look for some unique qualities in women that are irresistible. Obviously, every person is different and is special in its own way, but these are some of the traits that men might fall for.

Is Self-Confident


No matter what the world says, a girl should be self-confident, and she should be comfortable in her own skin. Men love women who are not affected by what other people say. A man finds a girl very attractive who is strong, passionate, determined and who knows what she is capable of. She does not have to be rich, famous or beautiful, but have to live her life independently and practical. She knows her worth. She wouldn’t give up everything for her soulmate instead she would know how to blend the two without losing herself.

Good Communication skills

Communication skills

Being straight forward and clear about her needs is what a man loves in his partner. They hate it when a girl lingers on things and don’t tell what exactly they want. When a man loves someone, he can do anything to make his love of life happy and cheerful. He will make her his priority but for that he needs his woman to communicate effectively, be it through words or actions.

No chipped nails and calloused feet


Manicured feet and hands are something that are just irresistible for men. To some of the girls who find this extremely silly, it may appear like the minimum essential thing to men however I can guarantee you it truly makes men fall on your feet. No man can oppose looking at perfectly clean nails and feet as they are secretly pulled in to ladies that know how to prepare themselves.

Everyone can beautify their face but only a few focus on details.

Polite and Humble voice


Men love their girls to be soft spoken. After all being a lady is all about grace. It is how gracefully a woman talks and walks, that excites a man to the point that he finds it hard to stay away. Being aspiring and confident doesn’t imply that you need to yell over the room and slice individuals off to rub strength on them. That is considered rather inconsiderate and in the long run individuals may abstain from communicating with you.

Girl who is tough and soft at the same time


Guys seriously fall for the girls who like having their lives dealt with and are emphatic. Truly men love to be “overseers” and “organizers” for our families, however they likewise cherish ladies who can arrange for that life with them. Decided ladies are more dedicated, just because of the way that disappointment isn’t a decision for them. At last, a lady who will push forward to be the best mother to her kids or have an effective profession is one who will take a stab at a fruitful relationship. At the point when circumstances become difficult, she won’t be so natural to stop and leave as yearning individuals, as a rule, for the most part make sense of how to influence things to work.

Is Not Fake or Dramatic


It’s not just about men, but rather nobody would need emotional drama queens who utilize their female charms to control them out of their chance or cash. In this quick moving society, nobody has sufficient energy for drama-queens however everybody is searching for a candidly stable girl who is both legitimate in her words and activities. He isn’t searching for a ruined little whelp who isn’t even skilled to deal with the good and bad times of life; he is searching for a Lady.

A Good Sense of Humor


Sharing same sense of humor ought to be given much more significance than we might suspect as looks and shallow appearances blur with time, but a sense of humor is forever. Every man finds a girl attractive who can give a joke and take it back nicely. And if a man is sure that his old age will only be full of laughter and smiles with you then he will try to keep his relationship forever.

Positive and Optimistic Person He Can Lean on


At the point when a man considers being with somebody for quite a while he generally needs to ensure that the other individual is a constructive and hopeful person that he can incline toward. Somebody who immediately lightens up his life and others. Guys tend to like being around girls with whom they don’t have to worry about anything or profess to be somebody else. Life can get extreme in some cases, yet when you have a side-kick who knows how to effortlessly give you viewpoint and lift some of that weight off your shoulders, that individual turns out to be immediately priceless.

Being Intellectually Challenging


Having someone who is smart, intelligent and can talk on real issues is something every man wants. Life is rough and tough, you have to take several difficult and confusing decisions at any point so having a passionate and sensible life partner can release your stress and tensions. Good looks are obviously important but being intellectually challenging is something which will always have an upper hand.

The Color Red


We all know that red is the color of love and romance, yet an investigation by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta suggests that our enthusiasm for this shading may really have a natural premise. A study reveals that color red makes woman more attractive. So, let the color red dominate.

Loves them for who they are and not for their money


In our society where greed and desire are above affection, love and sympathy, we all know, what most girls are searching for in a person. Clearly money is of some worry, yet it isn’t above truly cherishing your accomplice.


Regardless of how solid these men seem to be, however from inside they all want their partner’s continuous attention. He would need her to believe that he is the best and regard him for his identity and not what he does or how much he earns.