12 Signs You Still Want To Save Your Broken Relationship

1. It’s been a rough patch all this time, challenging though, but you feel that you can overcome the issues to give your relationship another chance. Your instincts are telling you that you can cope up and try to repair and recommit because you feel it’s still worth putting the effort.

2. The lovin’ feelings cringe you from inside and thinking about your partner actually being with someone else makes you sick in the stomach. You even hate the whole picture in your thoughts as you are incredibly possessive of your partner.

3. In midst of hostility, hurt, injustice, and humiliation, you still don’t want to retreat from where you’ve come. It’s been quite a while that you two are together and used to the shared routine, being single again doesn’t really excite you or appeal to you. You should own your decision that you’ve found the one you want and try again and again to save your relationship. In this effort, you may have to play the role of injured party but this would be rather better than getting yourself registered on dating apps, one more time.

4. You have been a great team, supporting each other sincerely, and now to envision a future for yourself without your partner, you just can’t manage to do so. You have always seen a future together and you should not force yourself to face the world alone or with another partner when you can patch up with your partner.

5. Not a single moment in your relationship, you can say that you’ve wasted while being together.

Whatever you two have been engaged doing, inside or outside your house, you would consider it productive. You should fight to save your broken relationship considering that you both still can do the most amazing things.

6. Fights could be nasty and unethical between partners. But, if you re-imagine all your fights, small or intense, neither of you have ever really gone overboard. Though, you have had pretty epic fights but you always stay conscious of what you’re saying.

7. Your relationship has been on the brink of collapse and still you feel the familiarity that comes with being with your partner. The idea of them being around you, their natural scent is very comforting for you. If you think about saving your relationship then you can’t deny that you are able to find peace and safety in this relationship.

8. One element which reminds you to stay cool even in the angriest moment, is the respect you two have for each other. This has always been uncompromisingly strong even at times wherein you just want to rip each other’s heads off.

9. Couples feel indifferent, physically and emotionally, when there is no hope left. But you are still physically attracted to your partner and that’s a good thing to make up your mind and save your relationship.

10. Earlier, you guarantee that only one person can bring brightness and joy into your life, and that’s your partner. If you are still convinced then there’s nothing wrong putting some effort again.

11. Privately, your issues have been unresolved and conflicted, but in public your partner has never made it apparent on someone that you two are struggling and not interacting well. You know your partner will still support you and you are proud of being in a relation with this person. So, why not giving it another try if you feel it’s hard to separate yourself from your partner.

12. You don’t buy someone’s effort to flirt with you because you are still interested in your partner.

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