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12 Signs to Know He’s Using You and He’s A Selfish Person

he’s using you

Love and Relationship

12 Signs to Know He’s Using You and He’s A Selfish Person

Besides love, there are other necessary requirements; empathy, gratitude, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, to fulfill if your man is genuinely serious about you. Loving a person who is self-centered and doesn’t care about your emotions is blindness to the reality that he’s using you.

In spite of seeing the reality, some women are unlucky to realize that getting into the relationships where men dominate everything and act being selfish will never bring them happiness. So what are the signs to look for in your man for sincerity?

The following simple signals will tell you the reality of your relationship:

1. He never takes commitment seriously

He cares about his own pleasures and nothing else. Whenever you try to discuss about commitment, he diverts the topic, which clearly shows that he is not serious about investing in this relationship.

2. Your friends warn you that he is not honest

Your friends are true support. If they advice or warn you to beware of your man’s tactics then take their advice and be careful.

3. You don’t know his friends and family

He doesn’t want you to get in touch with his family and friends when it is important that partners should know each other’s relations well. This sign warns you on your value in his life.

4. He is using you for your money

Your man should be the person to generate sources for financial stability. In case, he looks at you to get him out of financial binds or to buy him his pleasures then he is not trustworthy.

5. He is not supportive and he’s using you

He expects you to do his work all the time but when you ask him for a favor he never lends you a helping hand.

6. Your feelings are not important for him

He doesn’t care what his actions or words do to you and hurt your feelings, all he cares about keeping himself satisfied.

7. He doesn’t express his love or affection the way you do

Relationship will survive when partners will express their mutual love and gratitude to each other. You always show your affection and love to him but from the other side you never feel the same way.

8. His mood is inconsistent

He doesn’t care about you when his actions and moods are making you scared and you don’t know when his lava will erupt on you.

9. He keeps secrets

You have always shared every detail of your life to him but he is not willing to share his strengths and weaknesses to you. You don’t know about his interests or even his source of income. Keeping secrets from you mean that he doesn’t trust you.

10. He doesn’t want to take you outside on date

Partners are never embarrassed of showing their love in public. But your man is not comfortable in taking you outside on dates or to celebrate special occasions. He is not good for you and you deserve better.

11. He has a bad boy reputation

Unless you like bad boys then it’s ok but recently you got to know that he has a reputation to treat girls badly then you need to end your relationship with him.

12. He’s not loyal to you

If you see him available to other girls and not to you then don’t be the next prey of this selfish little prick.

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