12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Stay Away From

Your wellbeing is reliant on numerous things and sleep is something or other. While you are sleeping, your body attempts to keep up ideal brain work and physical wellbeing. Sleep deficiency on other hand leads to number of problems with brain and body, such as your brain starts to work slow etc. So, it’s very important for every one of you to be aware of some bedtime habits that you should stay away from. So, that you can have a peaceful sleep and healthy life.

12. No cold feet in bed

Cold feet won’t allow you to sleep peacefully, it will always disturb your sleep all night. So, warm your feet by wearing warm socks or give a nice massage to your feet.

11. No bedtime routine

It is very important habit that you should follow because it gives brain a signal to slow down and get ready for bed.

10. Drinking coffee 4 hours before bedtime

Big no to coffee if you want to have a good sleep. Coffee contains caffeine and it takes away your sleep.

9. Specific sleeping positions

Specialists suggest considering your left side or in a fetal position. Sleeping over your side enables your mind to expel squander that could cause neurological sicknesses.

8. Cell phones or other devices near your bedside

Cell phone or other electronic devices won’t let you sleep because its brightness will keep your mind alert and awake all night.

7. Reading before going to bed

Reading books and using your phones have same effect on your mind and sleep.

6. Using digital clock

Don’t use digital clock or any clock with light it will distract your mind and won’t let you sleep.

5. Drinking liquids before an hour before bed

The more you will drink liquids the more you will need to go to washroom at the middle of your sleep.

4. Sleeping in afternoon

It feels really good to sleep when you feel tired in afternoon but sleeping in afternoon takes away most of the sleep and then you are unable to sleep at night.

3. Sleeping on uncomfortable mattress

The quality of a mattress and how comfortable you are really matters to your sleep. A low-quality mattress makes it difficult for you to sleep.

2. Having a meal 2 hour before bed

After dinner don’t go to sleep after 2 hours, there should be more than 2 hours gap between your sleep and your meal. This allow your stomach to digest the food completely which let you have a peaceful sleep.

1. Work out 3 hours before sleep

You should do work out during daytime. Because it discharges adrenaline in the blood, which advances attentiveness and readiness. It takes hours for adrenaline to leave our body, so exercise ought to be maintained a strategic distance from during the evening.

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