11 Things All Men Secretly Wish Their Girlfriends Should Start Doing That They Aren’t Doing

During a period of getting to know each other, surprisingly, you become aware of all the good and bad aspects of one another. Sometimes, you come across details of your partner which seem on the contrary to what you expect.

Being a girl, you assume your male partner to be perfect in his conduct and habits but often, the expectation is not met as you wish. In a similar way, all men secretly wish that their girlfriends start doing things that they aren’t doing; particularly when they are together. You might want to know the secret wishes of your man for you:

1. Not to see you phubbing when you’re on a date with him.

Your man wants you to give attention to him instead of diverting your focus to other things in your phone.

2. Not to see you complaining all the time.

He wants you to see other good parts- positive side, of your relationship rather than just grieving on something that would not be possible in the moment.

3. Not to see you falling behind on your commitment.

He would conveniently wait for you the first time but not following through your commitment persistently makes him agitated because you are giving him impression that his time has no value in your life.

4. Not letting him to help you.

He loves to give you support in difficult times but you need to bring him in confidence; being a little vulnerable will not make you look weak.

5. Not to see you forcing him for your little photoshoots.

He doesn’t want to be disturbed every second when you ask him to take your picture.

6. Not to see you sharing secret things in your relationship.

He wants you to understand that relationship privacy is a sacred thing. He can feel violated when you share details of your intimate moments with your friends or family.

7. Not to see you overdoing on social media.

You can share to a certain extent on social media but putting everything public can make your bae furious.

8. Not to see you too demanding.

Men don’t want to be pushed too much to change who they are. If you are accepted by your boyfriend as you are then you should reciprocate in the same manner.

9. Not to see you refraining from a life living on own terms.

Partners should be entitled to control their own life and who they meet. If men want to spend time out of relationship then that doesn’t mean they are crossing their boundaries.

10. Not to see you texting him too much and also to expect that he will return immediately.

They want to concentrate on their work and if they don’t send you replies immediately then that doesn’t mean you have to be freaked out or get angry.

11. Not to see you not saying anything and make him do the mind-reading.

All men secretly wish that their girls should realize the importance of talking about the thing that is bothering them instead of doing silent-treatment.