11 Special Tips Will Make Him Fall in Love with You

Love is selfless and gracious. It can never be won over but it needs time and special efforts to make the other person realize that you truly love him. There is no wrong in trying few ways to make him fall in love with you unless you are playing a game in jealousy. Sometimes you have to play out of your comfort zone and to risk things to get what you want. Taking a chance for once to make your man fall head over heels for you will make you free from guilt that you haven’t given it a shot.

1. Break the ice and start a conversation

You should try to break the ice first and get in touch with him whenever possible. He might be waiting for you to express your interest to him, you can start it by saying a simple “Hey, how are you doing?”

2. Eye contact makes you look sincere about being with him

Eye contact is an important gesture in a conversation. It makes the other person believe that you are actually sincere about being with him. It will make him comfortable too.

3. Your confidence is infectious 

In today’s time, men like girls who are confident and have the strength to believe in their personality. You have to let your confidence shines through so that he will also be confident about the relationship.

4. Honesty will make him fall in love

People messed up their relationships when they try to win over their partner with false information rather than staying in their own skin. Your honesty will be a massive power to gain attention of him and will make him fall in love with you.

5. Find your special connection with him

You need to find out a common ground between your personalities and nurture it. It will help you to easily connect with him emotionally, on daily basis.

6. Men like to feel important

You have to make him feel that he is important in your life but also you don’t want to come off as dependent. You have to strike a balance between both ways.

7. Take help of outdoor settings

Partners when spend time together in outdoor activities feel more connected than staying with each other at home. Outdoor settings will let you explore the likes and dislikes of him and convey yours to him in a more natural way.

8. Friendship is the 1st step of a relationship

It all starts from friendship and moves forward into love. You need to try hard that the friendship factor never leaves out from your relationship. It will help you to mesh well together.

9. Let him reveal the gems in you

Don’t show all your cards at once, reveal things slowly so that you two get closer to one another. Sometimes, it’s better to keep few of your strengths with you till the right time.

10. Don’t try to control every situation

Men like girls who are less bossy and free-spirited. Don’t try to control every situation, manage everything with mutual participation.

11. Never give up on your own dreams

In an effort to win his heart don’t disregard your own life. You need to show him that while you’re interested in him, you also have your own dreams and goals that make you passionate about life.