11 Signs Its Déjà vu When You Meet Your Love

You see signs and experience various moments in which you feel an overwhelming sense of familiarity with someone special in your life. It seems that you’ve found your soulmate but before making it sure, look for the following hints:

1. Home is not away.

They give the comfort of home and embrace you fully even if you goofball yourself around them. You know you will never be judged and can be accepted unconditionally.

2. Toss and turns of emotions.

On your first meeting, you’ve felt incredibly powerful and life-changing experience. They draw up a wellspring of emotions within you.

3. Shared memories in past life.

You might recall memories of living together from past life. You might have crossed paths during travelling together, and you might recall few things which make you think that you have shared memories in the past life.

4. Life is smooth with them.

You don’t hesitate spilling out what you feel in your soul with them. Unabashedly you express your heart out because you know you will never be judged. Life was never felt so alive and it feels a smooth ride.

5. Time flies fast with them around.

When you meet them, time flies so fast and hours pass in a blink that it never feels enough. You forget real life around them, you easily lose track of time, and you only want to be spending all of your life moments with them.

6. A strong eternal connection is already there.

It all feels like preordained arrangement and you knew you would cross paths someday. Even though, you two are thousands of miles apart but still you two share a strong eternal connection.

7. Immediate connection.

It’s not difficult to develop an instant connection because you may have felt a powerful energy and deep connection with them. Perhaps, it’s a karmic energy which is making sure that you know this person deep and you two share an immediate connection.

8. Telepathic communication.

It happens a lot that this person says the words or thoughts you have in your mind and yet to spit out. Often, you finishes sentences of them because you already know what this person is about to say. You can easily establish telepathic communication with them.

9. Spiritual connection.

Your minds are not just alike but your emotional, mental, and spiritual views are also same. You have an unbreakable bond which is deep. Your relationship feels totally comfortable and you can effortlessly express yourself in all aspects and realms.

10. Awe-inspiring relationship.

You’ve never felt so relaxed and contented in your life. There is no other powerful experience like sharing your life with them that you have had before and moved your existence. The energy around in their presence makes you want to become a better person. After your meeting, you feel something has changed inside and you’ve been affected deep to the core but in a positive way.

11. Life feels light and lively.

This someone special has woken you up from deep slumber, perhaps you were waiting for them. You are gaining your inner peace with them in your life. Your spirit feels light and you want to bring more colors and vibrancy in your life. It has dawned on you that you’ve finally found your soul and purpose for life.