11 Signs She’s A Quality Woman Who Is Committed To Your Relationship

She is a rare gem, a quality woman, don’t lose her.

1. She is available for you at all times even when you don’t do the same for her.

On her phone your number is on speed dial. She knows how important it is to reach you when you need her. She replies promptly because she would never want you to wait. You may not be available to her on calls or texts but she is responsibly picking up your calls and replying to your texts.

2. She treats you with compassion even when you are inconsiderate towards her.

Her heart is filled with kindness and positivity. You seem to behave in a rude manner but she never retorts or acts rudely. It is a blessing to have a person in your life with limitless compassion and love for you.

3. She makes plans including only you to spend time with you even though you always cancel on her.

You don’t feel awkward cancelling plans with her at the last minute. But for her, all the plans are really important and she makes sure that every arrangement is proper because she doesn’t want you to feel disappointed in her. There’s been many times that you have planned and ruined outdoor activities with her. But she has never left hope in you and she still wants to make up whenever she gets a chance.

4. She has never for once mentioned that she is only contributing to this relationship by giving all of herself.

You are an equal partner but it is always as if she is giving all of herself to hold on to this relationship. Your indifference and emotionally distant behavior may turn her off but she never has and never will do it. Despite the dispassion from your side, she still compensates on your behalf.

5. She knows all of your games with her but she will never play the same with you.

She is through every stage of your games but she is still with you. She has made up her mind that she wants to live with you only. Your love is enough for her. She wants you to know that she is serious for you despite your modern romances.

6. She gives you all her attention when you’re together even when you don’t reciprocate.

There is always a phone, TV, or tablet in your hand when you two are sitting together. You have shown less attention to her in conversations but she is all attentive when she is with you. She wants you to know that she craves for your attention only in return.

7. She tries every effort in her strength to get closer to you even though you are not receptive.

She takes up all your moods without a single complain and never walks away from you. Your mistreatment would have turned her off by now but she chose to stay with you. She is trying to win your heart and she believes that someday she will.

8. She sees hope in your relationship despite your disappointing behavior.

You may portray a difficult person in yourself but she still sees a great person inside of you. She firmly believes that eventually you will come back to her.

9. She compromises her happiness over yours.

How often do you find a person who is compromising her own happiness for you? She is the one and she is rare. She just desires your love and care in return and nothing else.

10. She is committed to the relationship even though you show lack of motivation.

She is serious about the commitment she has made with the relationship. She never wants to let go of this bond even though you put less amount of effort and show lack of motivation.

11. She expresses her love more often than you.

She takes chances to express her love for you. But you don’t seem to do that often.

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