11 Examples Of Her Clingy Behavior Which Is Actually Good

Your partner loves you so much that in every second, in every eye blink, and in every heart beat she thinks of only you. There are examples associated to clingy behavior and that are not too bad rather good for the relationship. Read through all:

1. She wants you to confirm definition of the relationship.

You may be intimidated by her asking you to define the relationship but this is her way to evade insecurity out of her mind. She cares about you so much that exhibiting this aggressive behavior doesn’t bother her.

2. She sends texts incessantly.

It may feel an overwhelm behavior but texting you persistently feels like she is missing you all the time. She wants to maintain a constant way of communication. You may get irritated when her texts flash on your mobile screen and bleep continuously but this is her way of keeping in touch with you.

3. She is proactive and gets upset when you don’t treat her right.

She is not a sort of girl who will make peace to whenever you wrong her. She will tell you clearly when you are at fault because she wants you to become a better person.

4. She wants to make the most of it with you.

Don’t take her wrong or discourage her efforts if she appears at your office without prior notice. She wants to spend most of her time with you and the time she spends with you is the valuable one for her. You matter the most to her and if she comes out of blue for a lunch date then be a sport.

5. She needs affirmation of the future.

Therefore, she always brings up her future plans and wants your genuine feedback on it. This relationship is more than some short-term fling or random hookup to her. She has big future plans for the relationship which she shares with you to be certain that you are as affirmative as her.

6. She expresses her love through physical intimacy.

She puts total faith in you and that’s why she never hesitates being physically intimate with you. She likes cuddling, caressing, and embracing you every now and then.

7. She brags her love on social media to the whole world.

It irks you when you see a number of posts on social media and you are being tagged on all of them. She wants to tell the whole world that she is madly in love with you and is not ashamed to share intimate posts.

8. She is inquisitive about your life.

She wants to scratch out every scoop of your past life. She is also interested in your present and wants to make sure that she could get her hands on every detail related to you. Her passion and love for you make her act like this because she doesn’t want to give an impression to others that you two are struggling in the relationship.

9. She is comfortable in this relationship and wants you to meet her parents.

She wants to tell you that she is ready to take a big step and meeting her parents will make it certain. She is totally comfortable in a relationship with you and would like you to be also ready for the long-term relationship.

10. She feels jealous when she catches other girls flirting with you.

Her clingy behavior for you also makes her possessive about you and she would not like if a girl tries to flirt with you. If such situation happens in front of her then there would be a surge of emotions that she will take out on you and the other girl.

11. She never holds off her affections for you. 

She is committed to you, she loves you passionately, she adores you, and she is not a girl who will withhold her affection.

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