10 Women You Should Avoid Marrying Because They Are Not Mature Enough For A Serious Relationship

Being realistic is going to save you from devastation and experiencing a broken heart that would take ages to mend.

Unreasonable expectations may not satisfy you in finding true love but a sense of understanding, patience, and sensitivity. When such distinguishing factors are not to be found in women you should avoid going further in your decision for a serious relationship.

Ideally, it is not justifiable to keep irrational standards for the sake of finding quality women. People grow and mature having different personalities and worldviews. Circumstances would not get your way every single time therefore look for the reasons in a woman that would bring understanding, maturity, and open-mindedness in your relationship.

For a dating or marriage relationship, you need to be sure of your expectation from your woman and if certain aspects are not acceptable to you then these women you should avoid for any kind of relationship.

1. The woman who cannot move past the douche guy she dated a while back.

She is a man-hater and carried a cynical view of the male species because of this one douche guy back in high school.

2. The woman who is self-obsessed all the time.

She will not see you or your expectations being met because she is not ready to make compromises above her ego-centric nature.

3. The shallow woman who is only interested to get her materialistic needs fulfilled.

Your love will not be enough ever for her but the things that would make her attracted to you is your money and your capacity to buy her big expensive gifts.

4. The woman who make flirtatious advances to every other man.

When she is not afraid of making flirtatious advances in front of you then she can fling all the boundaries of a sacred marriage relationship behind your back.

5. The woman who prefers partying more than spending time with you.

You should steer clear of that woman in your life who would rather be in a party every weekend than be with you because her social parties are more important than your relationship.

6. The woman who thinks she owns the world.

You would not want to be with a woman who is not mature and acts as a toddler who would throw a fit if you fail to fulfill her wish, even unnecessary.

7. The woman who is constantly dependent on your attention and time.

You will soon feel suffocated with this constricted relationship; with no individual space, or a life outside of the relationship.

8. The woman who is nosy and creates drama a lot.

You would rather want to stay alone than with a woman, who is gossipy and can say anything about any person, even you.

9. The woman who is not going to commit for any long-term relationship.

Without commitment you cannot get assurance for the longevity of a relationship. When you woman has trouble committing to trivial things then she is not going to commit for any long-term relationship.

10. The woman who cannot show respect in whatsoever manner.

Whether it’s you or herself, her inappropriate manners would be unacceptable and make her appear as a person who is unable of conducting herself in a respectful manner.