10 Women May Not Commit To A Serious Relationship

If you are thinking about an ideal woman like girls think about an ideal man, you are deluding yourself and not accepting reality as there is no an ideal man or woman. Imperfections exist in all the species on earth; some are emotionally flawed while others in their physical forms.

You want to start your life with a woman, choose the one who has the beautiful soul. She must not want to establish a relationship for her materialistic desires. You should fall for a girl with a compassionate heart.

Other traits of personality are also important to build a strong and long relationship like; understanding, patience, empathy, and intimacy. You can desire for specific physical features in your woman but don’t objectify the girls merely on good or bad body.

You should wish for a girl who is both beautiful and wise. Beauty with brains may be a good choice.

Though, there is also truth in the fact that men have different tastes and preferences. They know that brain always wins over beauty but they still think that their girl should be the most beautiful amongst the friends circle.

Having said that all, still we think that you’ll do a good decision and will make a good choice when choosing a partner for a serious relationship who is not someone like the following:

1. The woman who thinks all men are douche.

She thinks all men are disgusting because her opinion is based on a past failed experience. If she couldn’t move past on her exes then she wouldn’t make you happy in a relationship.

2. The woman who is self-absorbed.

You will always be at her mercy to spend some good time with her but she will toss you in ways that you have not thought of ever and in the end you will have to make all the compromises. Move on, look for another opportunity.

3. The woman who lives for material items.

A person can never be satiated with materialistic desires in life. She will be faithful to you as long as you can make her happy with material items but the moment your bank account will break and you are not able to fulfill her desires then she will board another flight.

4. The woman who is best in flirting tricks with other men.

You cannot guarantee when she trips off for another handsome and rich guy because she is good in her flirting tricks. You can’t expect a faithful relationship from her.

5. The woman who is a party lover every day.

If she wants to party in sketchy bars and noisy clubs every day then she has not grown up from her teenage phase.

6. The woman who thinks the world bow to her.

She will throw tantrums that will be difficult for you to sustain to in the long run. She wants a princess like treatment and will not hear no from you. She would do things to hurt your self-respect.

7. The woman who needs your attention at all times.

This is a fact that you can’t always be present every second of the day with your girlfriend. It starts to feel suffocated when there is no privacy or time allowed to spend outside of the relationship.

8. The woman who is a gossip girl.

You can expect anything from a girl who loves to gossip with everyone. In this case, you don’t know what she is talking about you, behind your back, with other people or even with your friends.

9. The woman who can’t last with her commitment.

There is no relationship without a serious commitment. If she can’t last with her other commitments that you two have decided being in a dating relationship, then don’t raise your expectations further. It’s not a joke to commit to a long-term relationship and at the time of exchanging rings she backs out.

10. The woman who doesn’t show respect to anyone.

Does she give respect to herself? If she is not acting in a respectable manner then how can you expect her to be respectful to others?

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