10 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

Why her? Why not husband? Wife also spends a large part of her time keeping home tidy or getting ready food then why only she puts the effort to make husband happy?

Express your gratitude and love to him whenever you find a chance because such moments make relationship strong. Your little efforts to make him feel special will suck away all the hardships that he has endured the whole day.

If you think a wife’s duty is the difficult one to manage home then I would disagree with this notion. Wife stays at home within the boundary of her house that keeps her secure from many things that a husband goes through every day to make his wife and home secure. Besides day-to-day struggle with the changing season, he goes through every type of pressure from the workplace and society.

Our daily robotic routine of leading a life, to get all the necessities, is often making us forget that how much doing little things can make us feel special in each other’s life.

Too much negativity is already present in the environment we breathe in, to make the atmosphere of our home positive partners have to believe in thinking positive all the time. Especially, the queen of the house has to think this way.

  • Make his morning special. Flatter him with a compliment on how he is looking, wearing a new shirt, or the way he does his hair.
  • Partners make things easy for each other. Appreciate his contributions to the life he is managing to give you for your ease.
  • Support his dream. If he aspires to take a leap in his profession, tell him that you believe in him. Your encouragement will make his determination strong.
  • His priority is you and the house but you need to remind him of his own well-being too. Encourage him to take out time for self-care and let him know that responsibilities can only be carried out properly when one cares for own self too.
  • Acknowledge his efforts in public. Praise his contributions in front of others to make him special in your life.
  • Sometimes, he may need your listening attention. Give him that space without being judging his decision. Let him take off whatever he is feeling within heart. Your undivided attention will reassure him that he is the priority to you right now.
  • If he has open up to you about his fears, insecurities and feelings then it’s your time to express your side and make him feel that you are just as human, vulnerable and insecure, as he is.
  • Even if he has never asked for your help professionally but saying few words in support of him and his project would be a great deal for him. Offer him your help, though his work is brainy but your support will likely be overwhelming for him.
  • Gifts aren’t reserved for special occasions. You can make moments special with little gifts and love gestures. Putting a thank you card in his night drawer will make him feel special or a message sent to him during his work day just to give him a reminder that you are thinking of him.
  • Arrange a date and surprise him by inviting him to his favorite place, café or ice-cream parlor. Any place where just the two of you will spend quality time.