10 Ways to Help Yourself to Calm Down Before a First Date

No matter how confident or experience, you are, first dates always make everyone nervous.  Especially when you are dating someone you had a crush for a long time. And getting nervous is not which is done intentionally it’s totally natural. But this nervousness can ruin your best chance. There are many dates that were totally disaster because people are unable calm down themselves and control their nervousness.

We don’t your first date to be a waste so here some ways which might you to have a wonderful time without getting nervous.

1. Go somewhere you feel comfortable

Place or venue matters a lot. Choose a place you are already familiar with and where you feel comfortable. Whether a restaurant, bar or movie theatre. A familiar place will make you feel relax and also, you’ll be aware of what’s best thing there that may help you to impress your partner and have a good time.

2. Keep your body active

Get your body moving before going for a date. Go to the gym, raise your heart rate and change this nervousness into the energy that will be good for you and your date. Wake your happy hormones and you feel so good.

3. Distract yourself

Keep yourself busy and stop thinking about what will happen on your date. Distract your mind as much as you can so that you don’t get time to think about your insecurities and anxiety. Because the more you’ll think, the more you’ll be nervous.

4.Take liquids to calm yourself

What can be better than alcohol to calm yourself. But that doesn’t mean to get drunk. Just have light shots to warm you up and to relax a little. It will give you a little confidence and you can carry with your date perfectly.

5. Music, the stress reliever

A good music is always a life saver. It’s the best medicine when you are extremely nervous. Start playing your best playlist in your car when you are going to meet your date. It will do wonders.

6. Be aware your breathing

On the off chance that you end up getting somewhat worried, simply make sure to broaden your breaths and be aware of them. You will find that it’s a snappy and simple hack to calm down.

7. Decide to not recognize your nervousness

The best way to get rid of your stress and nervousness is not recognizing them. It’s only you who make your nervousness powerful. If you’ll deny it, it will not affect you. And you will feel much relaxed.

8. Be casual with your date

Be casual and meet another person like you are meeting your friend. Start with friendship it will help you a lot to have a conversation. Also, you’ll get comfortable and this will make everything smooth.

9. You are not the only one who is nervous

Remember, it’s not only you who are nervous, your date is also nervous. Thinking like that will help you to relax. And also, it will be easy for you as now you know what the other person might be thinking.

10. Don’t start thinking of the future together

It’s your first date so live the moment. Don’t be so hard on your thinking. Don’t fantasize about marriage and engagement. Everything will happen when the right time will come. So just enjoy the moment and you’ll completely forget how nervous you were.

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