10 Warning Signs You’re Dating an Emotionally Abusive Coward

It’s not easy to judge someone just by looking at them, because nobody comes with a tag describing the personality of that person. You can get attracted to someone, but you can’t know what sort of person they are. It’s only possible when you spend a significant time with them. But by the time you get to know them you might figure out that you’re dating an emotionally abusive coward and you’ve been totally ruined.

So, before it’s too late, we are here with some warnings to save you from a miserable life.

1. He doesn’t respect


He won’t start disrespecting you from the day one because he wants to earn your trust. He will start doing this when you two are close enough, leaving you behind think what happened all of sudden. So just to stop this, look at how he behaves with other if he is not good, then surely, he will treat you badly as well later.

2. He always bashes about hard luck in the past


He’ll try to gain your sympathy by telling how hard life has been on him. He’ll tell stories just to show you that he had been a victim of hard luck. And when you totally feel sorry for him and can’t even think of him as evil, then that’s the time he is ready to ruin you.

3. Nobody treated him well in the past


He’ll tell you that the whole world was cruel to him and only he was right. He’ll tell you that he never had a solid relationship because no woman could ever understand the real him. And this is an excuse for mistreating you. He’ll say that people ruined him and all he does is because of his frustration.

4. He has bad habits and you are here to fix them


He has excuses for his bad behavior, but he also has bad habits like drinking, drugs, etc. And he thinks it’s your responsibility to fix them.

5. He is dominating


Being caring and being possessive are both different. If he is caring that’s okay, but if he is controlling you, out of possessiveness than that’s absolutely an alarming sign.

6. He’ll consider himself as a boss


He’ll forget that you both are equal in a relationship. He’ll act bossy with you and will always expect you to do whatever he wants and if you will refuse to do those things, then he’ll create a drama by saying that you are no different from others.

7. He is short tempered


He’ll get angry at little things and after hurting you he’ll apologize as it’s not a big deal. His sorry has no value and he always make his past as an excuse for his bad behavior.

8. He is not reliable


He is not there when you need him the most. Everything works according to his mood and convenience. He doesn’t care if you are in trouble.

9. He doesn’t care what are your limits


He only cares about his boundaries and that you should never cross them. That’s it. He doesn’t care what you think, what are your principle and limits. If he wants something, then you have to get him that no matter if it’s even against your will.

10. He sets of warning bells in your gut


Somehow, you’re now getting to know this man. But it’s hard to understand how it all happened. You’re attached to him, but after seeing his true colors you don’t know what to do now.

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