10 Universal Relationship Truths

We may have plans for every problem but sometimes circumstances turn out to be unpredictable. We think that it would be easy to control different things at the same time but it is dawned on us soon that many variables are not exactly as we thought and there is much required to be done. Therefore, with different scenarios in different relationships, there are 10 universal relationship truths every couple entering new relationship or trying to salvage one should know now.

1.Not everyone gets a piece of cake

Patience is paramount to build a healthy relationship. Further, with work, time, and effort a heavy amount of compromise is also needed.

2. Don’t go looking for problems if there isn’t

Sometimes not having any problem feels like something is wrong. You look for fixing when it isn’t required. Be content with yourself and your relationship if you are happy and don’t look for problems when there isn’t, you may be lucky!

3. Love yourself before you love another person

You will genuinely be happy in any relationship when you accept yourself as you are. If you live in self-misery then don’t expect from other people to be good with you. It’s important to accept your abilities in order to look through the good qualities of people around you.

4. You cannot live if you shut everybody

It’s not healthy to keep a distance from everyone in your life. It is necessary to keep an open mind and be ready to be amazed every single day. You may not know what surprise is waiting for you unless you are ready to venture outside of your comfort zone.

5. Know your partner deep but don’t pry

It’s a positive side of your relationship to know your partner, their likes and dislikes, hobbies and aspiration but it’s also advisable to not intrude in privacy. If your partner is asking for space then it should be given. Don’t take it negative rather it is a way to share understanding with your partner. You will not comprehend this fully now but may be this is the way your partner will test you and when you give them what they want then their heart will thaw for you.

6. Communication makes everything lively

Lack of communication increases the chances of misunderstanding and eventually distance between partners. You should try to be honest with your partner. If you don’t like anything then you should be very clear on your stance. Don’t try to do anything that your partner has disapproved. Take your partner in confidence whenever you plan something.

7. Mature argument

Argument should not be continued on the basis of keeping an upper hand on your spouse. The essence of argument is to learn the perspective of your partner and with mature attitude accept when you’re wrong.  Argument in relationship indicates that you are ready to listen and understand opinions of the significant other.

8. Changes will occur, don’t be afraid

There will be changes in personality, behavior, or circumstances and don’t be afraid if you witness any in your partner. It’s important that you accept progress of your relationship.

9. Don’t plan your relationship

Don’t plan to change somebody just for your own desire. The one you love has unique qualities and if you love that person then accepting them the way they are would not be difficult for you. There will be many times that things will not go as you’ve planned, sometimes going with the flow is best in your interest.

10. A cheater will not turn into saint

How could you expect a person to not cheat on you when they’ve cheated on their girlfriend? A change in a person will be temporary when moral values stay same.

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