10 Undeniable Signs He Is not Just A Friend, He Loves You

Things have been changed, the way he feels for you, emotions of love have taken over friendship. Friends say directly what they feel in the moment but he seems to make up stories when he can’t express his love. He wants you to know that he is not just a friend, he loves you; completely, madly, and this profound emotion has taken over his senses to just be with you.

Words are not doing any help to him, his friends encourage him to do certain things so that you can pick up signs and believe in his love for you. If you feel that something has been changed in your best friend, you might want to go through the following points, he may be falling for you.

1. He stares at you when you talk.

Sometimes, you feel to stop talking because the other side is not saying anything. He is too absorbed in whatever you are saying that he doesn’t even blink and keep staring at you.

2. He puts away his phone just to be with you.

Everyone keep their phone near to them, no matter if they are in an important meeting or sitting next to their best friend. But he puts away his phone when you are sitting near to him. He doesn’t want to miss a single second or to waste time checking messages or calls when he is with you.

3. He tells blatantly to other girls that he is unavailable.

He refuses every chance when a girl approaches him because he is interested in you and no other girl makes him happy as you do. He tells this to every other girl that he is out of reach, he is hooked up with you.

4. He knows you better than your parents.

You are sometimes amazed as how he takes care of the littlest details that you even forget but he doesn’t. Parents are the closed ones who know their children better than anyone else in the world but he knows you better than even your parents. He is charmed with your presence in his life.

5. He has a special place in his house dedicated to all the memorable tokens that you two have together.

Being in a friendship, you carry a lot of things that you’ve done together but he has dedicated a whole area to all the random tokens and mementos of all the great memories you’ve had together. This makes you sentimental and exciting that your best friend is much more and the way he takes care of everything that belongs to you, no one else can do it better.

6. He wants you to know that you can rely on him anytime.

Be it any time of the day or night, on your one call or message he comes running to you. He just wants you to know that you have all the right on his life and he means it serious.

7. He keeps things exciting.

He knows you don’t like monotonous life, there is no fun in it, and he brings all the fun for you with surprises and gifts. Occasion or no occasion, he plans things in a unique way to stir excitement and makes every moment special for you. He makes sure that you will not get bored as long as he is with you.

8. He makes you comfortable during conversation.

While talking to him, you feel you don’t have much to say and this puts you in an awkward position as to how you’ll continue the conversation. He makes things easy for you and discuss random points to make you feel comfortable.

9. He makes sure that you don’t get irritated when he touches you.

He is respectful to the boundaries that you’ve set and will not do anything to irritate you.

10. He is protective of you.

He checks up on you every now and then to know of your safety and well-being.

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