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10 Toxic Habits to Change for a Positive Life

Toxic Habits


10 Toxic Habits to Change for a Positive Life

‘Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it rains’, is an intriguing thought to ponder over the negative attitude one possesses in life.

Toxic behaviour is contagious in a way that sometimes it becomes difficult to mend situations that are the result of toxic habits. It damages long-term relationships and credibility at work hence self-analysis is eminent to avoid harmful behaviour and strive for positive life.

There is a need to develop self-awareness in order to exercise fortitude and strong will power without a single streak of poisonous thought.

Mostly toxic attitude inflict more harm to your own self than to the people around. It is a positive aspect that you are aware of the harmful behaviour and want to change it to bring more meaningfulness to your life. It’s an extra stress baggage that you are even oblivious of carrying around.

Bring a positive change in your life by avoiding the following 10 toxic habits:

1. Envying others

Everyone strives for better change but that should not involve being envious of other person and being ungrateful of what life has blessed us with. This attitude draws negative energy near and allows unproductive thoughts to enter your mind.

Competitiveness is healthy but taking it to another level that is envying others will reveal your weakness to others.

2. Taking things personally to a toxic level

In a world of varied ethnicities, there are a myriad of opinions. Some people will appreciate you but other might throw stones at you. Even if someone is depicting inaccurate thoughts about you it is not your turn to feel bad about it and be cruel to yourself. What others think or say about you is not the true reflection of your personality rather they show the world how unforgiving and harmful they would be to society.

This toxic habit inhibits when a person believes that he/she is the victim of an impending attack.

3. More complaining

A sense of victimization erupts constant complaining which however wreak havoc in professional and personal.

In order to regain the innate power, we need to stop believing that we are being victimized in a circumstance.

4. Hold on to pain or loss

It is not easy to let go of emotion or loss and move towards healthy future. It’s hard to realize that negative thoughts will only bring harm to your own surroundings.

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5. Obsessive pessimistic mindset

A continuous negative thinking clouds our judgment and de-tracks us from the set goal. It steals every chance to live a joyous life.

With this mindset we can lose our relationships therefore it is necessary to rid this type of mindset and meditate more.

6. Lack of emotional self-control

In the words of Buddha “The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” Lacking self-control slips away all the chances of being wise and shrewd when required.

With emotional self-control one can conquer even the hardest of tasks.

7. Creating opinions by being judgmental

Being judgmental invokes negative thoughts thus it leads to toxic behaviour. These thoughts inflict harm and bring problems in life. It drains you out of energy to think in a productive way.

8. Lack of empathy

A cruel person lacks empathy, sense of respect and compassion for everyone or anything. It displays to others that you have various conflicts within your inner self and that you are being unsuccessful to this point.

It is important to realize that you are being irrational and harsh to regain the sense of compassion. Walk away from the situation or be silent when the other person or circumstances become unfavourable.

Positive Life

9. Lack of morality to get the way straight

People get affected the most when you want to straighten up your own interests by playing deception, cheating or dishonesty. Lack of ethics or lack of morality not only destroys the other side but yourself too.

Try to keep good intentions and act honestly.

10. Try to create a false persona

With our false persona we actually create a fabric of deception around our true personality. In order to please others we indulge into activities that disconnect us from our true self.

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