10 Things you can do to make a Guy know that you Like him

Are you interested in any guy? Do you want him to pay attention to you? Are you trying to convey a message to him that you like him? If answer to all these questions is in yes, then there are 10 simple and easy ways that can help you getting noticed in his eyes.

Smile at him

This is the easiest and simplest way that you can use to get noticed by him. Whenever you see him or give a glance at him, just give a little and sweet smile. It will go straight to his heart and will be noticed by him. He will get a hint that there is something sweet in your heart for him that is being conveyed through smiles time and again.


In case there is nothing further happening and you guys have not come into the phase where you are talking to each other, then you being a girl can also make a move forward. This will definitely let the guy know that there is something special for him in her heart that amplified and make a girl take first move.

Appreciate him

In order to tell him that you feel special for him, you must appreciate him for everything that you think he has special in him. It will uplift and strengthen his ego.

Agree going out with him

In case he offers you to go out for coffee/lunch/dinner, just simply say yes to him. It will show him that you put your trust in him. In this way, there will develop a soft corner in his heart for you.

Show him that you value him the most

Men like women, who assure them that they are the best men for them. So, you must also tell him that for you, he could be the best choice.

Dress up the best for him

Men are usually least interested in what women buys, but they are interested in what they wear and how they look like. Therefore, whenever you meet him, dress up your best for him. Make him notice that you have put extra effort for your looks for him.

Nice and sweet touching

Once you have come closer to him and both of you are close friends, you can initiate some nice and sweet touching on hands, shoulders and head. It can bring warmth in your relationship and will let the guy know that you care for him.

Cook him something yummy

It is said that a way to guy’s heart is though his stomach. This is actually true.  So cook him the yummiest food and serve him with love and care.

Encourage and support

Whatever he is doing, just support him and tell him he can attain his goals no matter what.

Give him extra time, attention and care as compared to anyone else.