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10 Things Prove That You Are With A Great Guy After Being With A Toxic One

You Are With A Great Guy

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10 Things Prove That You Are With A Great Guy After Being With A Toxic One

It’s hard to comprehend the intensity of abuse you endure being with a toxic guy as you are in the relationship itself. You can realize that things are bad but what you can’t understand is the impact that these things have on your well-being.

It takes great courage to walk away for the toxic situation, you need to muster up the strength to finally face the toxic guy and saying bye to the world that you lived in. One reason that stops people to leave their toxic relationship is the fear to step into the new world where you’re alone, and they process several things before they take a final decision. But, when they do then there is no coming back because only after leaving the toxic life they realize how badly they were being treated all this time.

Someone has come to your life and he seems to be different than the one you had a relationship with. How does he appear different to you? Let’s see:

1. You get the best this time because he manages to overturn your bad expectations.

You are cautious and want to make sure that he isn’t like the guy you used to date. So, you brace yourself for worst abuse but he manages to overturn your bad expectations.

2. You over process everything in new relationship.

You try to over think every aspect of your new relationship because you don’t want to end up again with another different animal. But you are with a great guy this time because all your fears are dispelling with the more time you spend with him.

3. His loving and caring way makes you believe that he’s too good to be real.

You assume that things may not turn out to be well for you after your toxic relationship but this new guy in your life seems too good to be real. He loves you unconditionally and takes care of you in a way that you’ve never felt before, which makes you afraid that this kind of behavior might be unsustainable.

4. You maintain a certain distance but he still keeps on coming.

You’ve fallen for tricks in your past relationship but you don’t want to get hurt anymore. Though, you feel he’s acting sketchy and you push him away, but he still keeps on coming.

5. He doesn’t blow his lid on a mistake.

You expect argument, disagreement, and nitpick from him but he keeps proving you wrong.

6. You apologize for no reason but he wants you to respect your self-respect.

Just so you assume yourself worthless in the previous relationship doesn’t mean this would be the similar situation. You apologize that you are incapable of doing anything right but he keeps reminding you of your self-worth and encourage you to respect it, too.

7. You think that you don’t deserve him but he treats you with lots of love and affection.

You need to realize that you are with a great guy after being with a toxic one because you can’t find decrease in his love and affection and he doesn’t ask you to do more.

8. In return of his love you also try to overcompensate.

This sign proves that you have finally found a great guy and you also want to compensate his level of intimacy.

9. He’s a real deal because you learn to trust him.

He’s a real deal and you can trust him because there’s no reason for you to be afraid of anymore.

10. You can feel this amazing emotion of falling in love with someone in a real way.

You are personally improving and feel optimistic about life while being with him. You feel yourself lucky that you are finally falling for someone inn a real way.

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