10 things need to be managed by men after their wife becomes a mommy

The moment the doctor hands over the new baby in the parents’ cradle they need proper instructions on how to handle the baby and especially 10 things need to be managed by men after their wife becomes a mommy.

When a couple becomes parents with their first baby there are subsequent changes which men have to understand most importantly to give support to the new mommy. A list of things every husband should know are below:

Your wife dreads physical changes

Child birth is an astonishing event for the parents but the woman goes through the most pain and physical changes that might put her in the anxiety phase. She thinks she gets out of shape, stretch marks all over and the belly will take forever to return to its original size. These are the things a woman dread and would want her husband’s encouragement the most at this time.

Even though she has gained weight but she is the mother of your child and the same woman you love. She would bloom and feel anew with your compliments or a little exaggerated flattery.

Your wife has new baby obsession

There will be a new person in your house to get all the attention and your wife will be obsessed with her child. That’s normal! Your woman has kept the baby 9 months in her womb and it’s totally understandable if she gives more importance to the tasks of her baby than you.

Her maternal instincts will overpower husband and wife relationship and at that time you need to keep everything together and be a support when she needs you.

Your wife is afraid of her motherhood

With a new member in the family, people around will throw their opinions at your side to handle your child. As the newness is terrifying for your wife, it’s your duty to stand by your wife’s side and manage every stone with praise that can shatter your wife’s confidence.

Give her confidence that she will pass through these overwhelming moments and together as a couple they will do great. Your hug and cheerful words will help her to pull out herself from the crazy time.

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Your wife will play defensive to defend her

Among myriad of suggestions by grandparents there will be an uncertainty that will envelop your wife emotionally and to dodge that she will defend her side; which is not easy at all.

She might lose her temper more often than before and that is when you need to pacify the situation. Try to make her calm when you both are alone to make her understand that being defensive is not feasible always.

wife becomes a mommy

Your wife gets mad at you and not the baby

With all the crazy 10 things need to be managed by men after their wife becomes a mommy this is the craziest when your woman gets mad at you and not her baby for lack of sleep or for changing diaper in the middle of the night. Husbands should be ready for being a punching bag for her stress and sanity. Don’t worry this phase will pass soon.

Your wife wears just maternity clothes

Throughout the pregnancy time she has been wearing maternity gowns and loose clothes but after the child’s birth the condition is different. She doesn’t want to buy clothes now as she thinks they will go waste as there are gradual changes going in her body. You want her feminine glamour back on but she refuses to buy clothes. Your praise will work the most than anything else.

Your wife wants situations to be managed by you when she becomes a new mommy

Situations like she doesn’t want visitors or her stress level rises, you need to handle every time with wise decision so that nobody gets offensive.

Your wife wants relaxing time and she never admits

With motherhood on her hand and managing household chores simultaneously she will get cranky because your home may not be as in a pristine condition as was before. Tell her she needs to take out time for herself. She can either watch T.V to divert attention or take a long nap to get away from the stress.

Your wife expects you to say if she needs anything

When you utter these words she will be in a more relaxed state of mind than ever. It will start to appear in her body posture and gestures that how much she appreciates when you say if she needs anything.

Your wife loves you more when you connect more to the baby

Being a new parent is difficult for both husband and wife. In case you feel that there is a gap getting wide everyday then you have to act like a connecting bridge. Your wife is already going through a lot in emotional and physical states, your part is to welcome new baby with warmth and love so that your wife will reciprocate in the same manner.