There are certain things you need to avoid doing to get a healthy relationship. It doesn’t mean at all that you should stop loving your partner, it’s just that there are some limits that one should never cross. It is said that your behavior tells a lot about your relationship. So, to prove your worth in a relationship you should avoid doing the following things.

1. Fulfilling their needs even before they ask for it.

Sometimes it’s better to wait and give time to your partner to ask for certain things they need. If you will fulfill all their desires even before they ask for it, then they will not realize what you are doing for them. And also, you’ll make them dependent which will create trouble for you later on.

2. Being the first to say sorry

Don’t always be the one to apologize. In a relationship, it is the responsibility of both partners to resolve the issue. If you’ll always say sorry first they’ll get used to it and will never realize their mistakes.

3. Taking responsibility for your partner’s family

Don’t get involved in your partner’s family personal problems. No matter how pure your intentions are, still stay away. Ask your partner how you can help instead solving it through your own ways. It doesn’t mean that you should not support your partner, it’s just your good intentions can sometimes create problems for you.

4. Saying Yes to their every plan

You both are equal in a relationship. Don’t always agree on what your partner wants to do, because after some time you’ll get frustrate of it. After all, you also want to do certain things that you love to do. Don’t let your partner be a boss.

5. Trying to influence their bad habit

You regularly need a genuine impact over your partner who is eagerly trying to beat one of his or her bad habits. Rather than being a spoiler to their efforts try to persuade them in accomplishing their objectives. Support them in the bringing the positive change.

6. Trying to be their therapist

Don’t be a therapist when your partner is depressed. Because depression is contagious and it’s no good to have two depressing people in a relationship. Obviously, when your partner is low you want to console them, but don’t be their therapist it will only result in a mess in your relationship.

7. Taking responsibilities of the household duties

There are two people in a relationship so don’t own all the responsibilities. Ask your partner to share the household responsibilities. Make a chart and assign duties. Do not burden yourself. You’ll get fed up with the time.

8. Giving advice when it’s not necessary

Being a partner, it’s difficult to resist from giving advice. But sometimes your partner takes your advice in a wrong way. This could hurt your self-esteem. Which can create trouble in your relationship. So, let your partner handle their problems by themselves.

9. Saying everything is fine

Tell your partner when you are not okay. Saying everything is fine just to keep things settled will only crush your relationship in the future. Honesty is the best policy to have a healthy relationship.

10. Not confronting them

Don’t hide your partner’s mistakes. If they are abusive to you, say it. Don’t allow them to continue. Make them realize what they are doing and let them be embarrassed.