10 Things Are More Attractive To Men In Women Than Good Looks

Here are ten on the list that men find more attractive in women than good looks:

10. Supporting their back.

They like women to second their opinion and buy in them in all of their endeavors. Men don’t care about menial and superficial things for their women to believe in but their unending support and love.

9. The most priceless gift, time.

Every moment that their girlfriend spend with them is cherished and valuable for men. They know it’s hard to take out time for someone when you are in getting to know process and considering taking some time out of her schedule just for them means a lot in their life. This would prove their devotion to the growing relationship.

8. If they could trust you.

Trust is a binding element for any relationship. People come from different backgrounds and have disturbing past but still they are ready to let go and accept their new relationships with open mind. Men are attracted to women who are brave to dispel the past skeletons and are ready to start afresh and put trust in them.

7. Women who listen attentively.

Listening is also an art alike speaking. Men admire it when they receive productive input from their partner because this can assure that they are listening attentively. It’s evident that when you just nod and don’t discuss things in conversation it won’t matter what the other person is saying.

6. The way they take a joke and equally give it back.

Everyone knows how to get angry or show attitude to people but few know the skill to make people laugh. Men find those women attractive who have good sense of humour and know the art to turn difficult moments light.

5. Great culinary skills.

The point is not about women cooking food everyday for men but they should know apt culinary skills. It’s a fact that you can’t eat food from outside every single day, often you have to make your hands dirty in the kitchen. Men admire women who know how to cook food and this can also turn out as a romantic experience when both partners cook food together.

4. An ambitious and goal-oriented attitude.

A man who is ambitious himself will respect his girlfriend’s goals and ambitions likewise. He loves her so he will pay a lot of attention to her hopes and dreams.

3. Women who know how to enjoy food.

Eating food in your way without being afraid of others is a natural thing. But this also doesn’t mean that people eat like a savage. Men love to enjoy food and when they are outside with their lovers then they expect from them to equally enjoy the food with them. All dainty and sophistication will not work with most men. Women who act natural and remain in their self even in front of their partners are more attractive than others.

2. Burst of emotions.

Burst of emotions and expression of feelings in the moment are the things that are highly anticipated by men in women.

1. An independent and self-sufficient woman.

Men who don’t like self-sufficient women are the ones who can’t stand the accomplishments of their partner and they should not be claiming their love for them. If you love someone then you are proud of what they achieve. Men who sincerely love their women do take pride when they keep accomplishing goals and moving forward in life. Men are more attractive to independent and self-sufficient women than good looks.

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