She will not make it obvious when she is attracted to you. You need to try harder and observe some subtle signs in her body language that will make sure that how much she is serious about you. Brush up your observation skills and learn 10 sure body language signs a woman is attracted to him.

Sleeves Up

When a woman is genuinely interested in a guy, she often plays with her sleeves when being with him. Her wrists are delicate parts of her body and she allows someone to touch them when only she feels comfortable in his company or she wants to take a step forward in life.

Real Smile

It’s not easy to dodge a fake smile or know when a woman is smiling genuinely but through facial muscles. According to a physician, muscles around the mouth apparently contract when a person smiles for real.

Body Posture in Sync

If you want to know that your girl is paying attention to you or is interested in you then look at the ways she is behaving or take notice of her body postures. Does she sit like you? Is she wearing socks when she sleeps just like you do? Has she started doing body positions the same way you do? This could mean that she is taking a close note of your habits and she likes them to imitate.

Feet Point to Your Direction

Well, you are paying attention to the mirroring aspects don’t forget to look at her foot position. Her legs and feet point to your direction when she is totally interested in you.

Eyes Say It All

She wants to connect with you and you can take a good guess through the way she looks at you. She will get absorbed into your eyes completely when she is serious about you. Her gaze is not going to wander off you and neither yours no matter what is happening around you.

Blink rate

When you are close to someone you like, your eyes blink more than you do normally. Blink rate per minute is a science connected to your likeness and dislike towards a person. Blink rate is the same like the heart beat rate. Your girl is blinking more than normal that’s because she’s into you and she wants you to know that she is attracted to you.

Dilation of the Pupils

A woman’s eyes can tell a lot about her interests and dilating of pupils is a big hint that there is something special about you. According to science, pupils dilate in dim light or under rage but if the circumstances are not such then you can tell from your woman’s eyes that she is interested in you and wants special relations in future.

Rush of Adrenaline or Blushing

Rush of adrenaline is a body condition which widens the capillaries that bring blood to the surface of the skin or to simply put she is blushing. It is an unconscious body state that is often caused when someone feels shyness or awkward by being close to a person who is special. Rush of adrenaline also occurs when you are afraid of something or under anxiety. If such is not the scenario then a woman is attracted to you when her face turns red or pinkish.

Hair Twirling

She strokes her hair more often, twist or twirl hair strand, plays with her hair every other minute, these are self-soothing habits that your woman does and she wants you to take notice. These are signals to tell you how much she wants you and be with you all the time.

Nose Flaring

Nostrils flaring is a sure sign that a woman is drawn to a man she loves. Experts say that a man can have a better guess from flaring of nostrils that she is interested than any other body language sign.